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Computer Virus Alert

Posted on: 03/05/2004

There have been a lot of computer viruses circulating over the last year or so, where they fake the return address so it looks like the message is from someone you know. Recently, there have been many messages going out that APPEAR to come from different people at, such as ADMIN@VIRTUALTRIALS.COM or SUPPORT@VIRTUALTRIALS.COM, and they talk about a problem with your account. They also have an attachment which is virus. If you click on it, your computer gets infected.

These messages do NOT come from us. They come from someone's computers who is infected and happens to have both my email address as well as your email address on the computer.

We NEVER send an unsolicited attachment to you. IF you ever get one that appears legitimate, the best course of action is to first update your antivirus program, then scan the attachment. If it isn't a virus, then reply to the message and ask us to confirm that we intended to send the attachment.

It also pays to update the browser and operating system on your computer. There have been a lot of security fixes lately. On windows computers, go to: and scan for needed updates.

Al Musella, DPM
Musella Foundation

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