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Brain tumor action week - request for memorial hats!

Posted on: 01/22/2004

Brain tumor action week - request for memorial hats!

Dear Brain Tumor Family:

Brain Tumor Action Week will begin in Washington DC on May 2, 2004. There are many events planned for that week, that will enable us to bring awareness and ask for funding for brain tumors. Marcia Jacobs was instrumental in starting the "National Brain Tumor Victim’s Memorial". Marcia lost her daughter, Anjuli Jacobs from a brain stem glioblastoma,,,she was only 4 years old. The Memorial was set up around the Senate Garage Fountain in Upper Senate Park. Unfortunately, the Memorial was unable to be assembled in 2003. In keeping with my promise to my husband Tom (whom recently passed away from from his fight with a GBM), myself and Murray Shepard, whom also lost his wife on January 1, 2003 from a GBM, are going to take over this project. We have the desire and willpower to take on this project and plan on continuing it with the spirit in which it began. When the project was started many hats were received. Unfortunately, some of those hats can not be located, therefor, we are nearly having to "start-over". In the 80s awareness was brought to the battle against AIDS and much press was received for their cause due to the quilt project. We would like to see this happen for our plight in the fight against brain tumors. In Marcia’s words "by placing these hats around this fountain during BTAW, we remember and commemorate their lives. We want our legislature to know the huge toll brain tumors take, and the Memorial will give testimony to the void left behind". In my opinion,,,visuals have a very strong effect. Sometimes you can talk and talk and talk about how you have lost a loved one,,,but seeing those hats will impact the powers to be..They will go home at night, snuggle up with their families and remember. In the past years hats from those whom have deceased were placed around the Fountain...This year,,,,we want ALL of your hats...Those whom have passed and from those whom are still fighting. You are ALL warriors and victims, and we want ALL of you represented.

Please DO NOT send your favorite hat, or a hat that you expect to get we will keep those hats in storage. It is out intent and strong desire to make these hats available each year for the National Brain Tumor Victim’s Memorial. Please write your name, age, type of brain tumor your date of diagnosis, and the date of death for those whom have passed inside of your hats. Even if you go the store and just buy a hat and send it to us with your information,,or the information of your loved one, it will be a representation of the fight....If you attend a brain tumor support group, or know of other brain tumor patients at your hospitals, whom are still fighting or whom have passed, please ask for their hats too. For those of you who collect many hats or can not afford the shipping, please contact Murray or I at the following email addresses and we will be happy to assist you in the delivery of your hat(s).
For hats sent by snail mail,,,please send them to the following address:
Kristina McAlvanah
c/o East Pasco Title Agency
5741 Gall Boulevard
Zephyrhills, FL 33542.
(813)748-4560. PLEASE help us to make a difference. This is a good project,,,one that we are honored to be a part of...Your help in this WILL make a difference,,,we WILL find a cure,,,we just have to keep on getting a little louder...This is dear to our hearts,,,as we DO NOT want another family to have to go through horrid disease. Kris, w/o Tom 56 yro attorney-gbm dx 2/07/01-12/10/03 Murray h/o Michele 41 yro accountant-gbm dx 9/27/99-1/01/03, they both fought the good fight,,,behind them were devoted spouses and loving children...

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