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Update to story on GBM survival statistics

Posted on: 10/22/2003

Update to story on GBM survival statistics

We recently posted a story from Duke with dismal statistics on GBMs. A few of our readers complained that it was too depressing for us to post, and we should not have posted it. Dr. Henry Friedman, Chief of the brain tumor program at Duke, was asked his thoughts about the paper and also about posting negative material to our website.. this is what he said: -------------------------------------------- The data is addressing patient care up to only 1995---the time at which Temodar entered the mix, as did cpt-11 a little later. We are clearly doing much better than the earlier era detailed in the paper. With regard to putting this on virtual trials web site---I believe one does not gain anything hiding published data---it is very fair to put anything on the site that is published. However, a discussion should follow--and clearly your letter will start this process, to critique anything on the site. In the currern case, the data is again old and does not reflect the newer treatment strategies. This paper justs highlights how bad it has been--not how outcome is with todays approaches. henry -------------------------------------------- I would like your thoughts on the question of should we post negative as well as positive reports? This can be opened for discussion on our brain-temozolomide list. Al Musella, DPM President Musella Foundation
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