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Oncolytics Phase I/II Reolysin Glioma Trial Begun

Posted on: 07/15/2002

July 8, 2002

Oncolytics Phase I/II Reolysin Glioma Trial Begun

Oncolytics Biotech has begun a phase I/II brain cancer clinical trial with Reolysin, a drug developed from the naturally occurring reovirus. The company plans to enroll about 38 patients who have been diagnosed with recurrent malignant glioma, a condition often characterized by activation of the RAS pathway; Reolysin has been shown to infect and kill malignant cells that harbor such mutations.

In the phase I part of the phase I/II trial, scientists will enroll patients with various recurrent malignant glioma and test different doses of Reolysin. In the phase II portion, patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme will be treated with doses of Reolysin as determined by the results of the phase I study.

In past research, scientists found that that 20 of 23 mice treated with one injection of reovirus experienced benefits including complete tumor regression and had a statistically significant increase in survival. The reovirus killed cancer cells from 19 of 24 established glioma cell lines and from all nine glioma surgical specimens.
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