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St. Luke`s Offers BrainLab VectorVision

Posted on: 07/15/2002

July 11, 2002

St. Luke's Offers BrainLab VectorVision

A device known as BrainLab VectorVision is being used at St. Luke's Hospital Mid America Brain and Stroke Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, to map the surface anatomy of the patient's head to help surgeons to remove brain tumors.

The computerized imaging technology uses an infrared laser to scan the patient's head. In all, the device is comprised of an infrared camera that sits above the patient that feeds information about the location of the surgeon's tools to the monitor. The surgeon can zoom in and out of the desired view using guiding buttons on either side of the microscope's eyepiece. A monitor at the side of the surgeon shows the resulting three-dimensional view of the patient's head—green blobs showing the shape of the tumor to be removed, red blobs showing ventricles that should be avoided, and a colored line showing the angle of the view of the microscope.

When the surgeon starts necessary cuts other lines, appear to show where the scalpel and other tools are placed in relation to the tumor. The new technology ensures that the surgeon will choose the shortest, safest path to reach and remove a patient's brain tumor. In addition, the wireless device allows surgeons to make a much smaller incisions and to remove less tissue than they were able to before.
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