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Brain Surgeons To Use Improved MRI (Cleveland - NewsNet5)Brain surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic are among the first in the nation to use a new MRI during surgery.- Apr 03 5:22 PM ET


Posted on: 04/03/2001

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Local - WEWS - updated 11:22 AM ET Apr 4
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Tuesday April 03 07:39 PM EDT "Brain Surgeons To Use Improved MRI"

Brain Surgeons To Use Improved MRI

Brain surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic are among the first in the nation to use a new MRI during surgery.

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NewsChannel5 reports that to the naked eye, cancerous brain tissue looks the same as healthy tissue.

Clinic surgeons are using a smaller MRI to see tumors during surgery.

A patient's head is placed between two magnets, which unlike traditional MRI machines, don't interfere with the surgical team's standard operating procedure.

Doctors can see the tumor as they're removing it -- in real time.

"As the brain moved during surgery, they're no longer an accurate representation of what you're doing," Dr. Gene Barnett said. "The polestar allows me to take imaging during surgery so I can see exactly what I've done and what, if anything, there is left to do."

In the past, surgeons would have to remove the tumor and then look at an MRI at a later date to see if it was completely removed.

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