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WHO TO SEE FOR STAR TREATMENT (New York Post)...Weill Cornell Medical Center 212-746-6141 Jerome Posner Neuro-oncology and brain tumors; Memorial Sloan Kettering; 212-639-7047 Michael Swerdlow Myasthenia gravis;...- Mar 25 2:39 AM ET


Posted on: 03/25/2001

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New York Post

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Local - New York Post - updated 2:39 AM ET Mar 25
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Finding a good doctor can be difficult - and finding an excellent one is even harder.

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The Post hopes to make that serious undertaking easier for its readers with the following list of some of the finest doctors in town.

The list comes from the latest edition of "America's Top Doctors: The Nation's Leading Medical Specialists," a highly regarded "who's who" of medicine published by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.

Slightly fewer than 4,000 doctors out of 650,000 in the United States made the cut for the book, with New York City having more than its fair share of honorees.

The listing was based on recommendations from more than 250,000 ofdoctors nationwide, with the publisher's research team conducting thousands of interviews to winnow down the candidates.

Along with the doctors' names, the book lists office addresses and phone numbers, admitting hospitals, medical schools, board certifications and areas of special expertise.

Following are the names of some of the key medical specialties covered in the book - and the New York City doctors who are listed. All practice in Manhattan unless otherwise noted.

Ellen Buchbinder

Asthma; Mount Sinai; 212-410-3246

Michael Chandler

Asthma; Mount Sinai; 212-486-6715

Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles

Immune deficiency; Mount Sinai; 212-659-9268

Nicholas T. Macris

Asthma; Lenox Hill; 212-249-2940

David S. Mazza

Asthma/adult and pediatric; St. Luke's-Roosevelt; 212-677-7170

Gillian M. Shepherd

Allergy and immunology/general; Weill Cornell Medical Center-NY Presbyterian Hospital; 212-288-9300

Marjorie Slankard

Rhinitis and asthma; Columbia Prebyterian; 212-326-8410


John Ambrose

Cardiac catheterization; St. Vincent's; 212-604-2818

David S. Blumenthal

Heart-valve disease; Weill Cornell; 212-861-3222

Jeffrey Borer

Heart valve disease; Weill Cornell; 212-746-4646

John Coppola

Cardiac catheterization; St. Vincent's; 212-647-6420

Valentin Fuster

Heart disease/congenital and atherosclerosis ; Mount Sinai; 212-241-7911

Jerry Gliklich

Heart valve disease; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-5588

Jonathan Halperin

Peripheral vascular disease; Mount Sinai; 212-427-1540

Thomas Killip

Cardiology (cardiovascular disease)/ general; Beth Israel; 212-420-4010

Marc Klapholz

Congestive heart failure and angioplasty; St. Vincent's, Westchester branch; 212-604-7380

Jeffrey W. Moses

Angiography/coronary and vascular medicine; Lenox Hill; 212-434-2606

Milton Packer

Congestive heart failure; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-9260

Terrence J. Sacchi

Arrythmias, cardiac catheterization and angiography / coronary; Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn; 718-780-4626

Allan Schwartz

Interventional cardiology and cardiac catheterization; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-5367

Jacob Shani

Cardiac catheterization, angioplasty and interventional cardiology; Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn; 718-283-7480

Edmund Sonnenblick

Cardiology (cardiovascular disease)/general; Montefiore Medical Center-Weiler/Einstein Division, Bronx; Phone 718-904-2932

Joseph Tenenbaum

Cardiology (cardiovascular disease)/general; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-5288

Bernard A. Ackerman

Dermatopathology, melanoma and inflammatory diseases of skin; St. Luke's-Roosevelt; 212-889-6225

Robert Bernstein

Hair restoration/transplant; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-826-2400

Jean-Claude Bystryn

Vitiligo, blistering diseases and pemphigus; NYU Medical Center; 212-889-3846

Vincent A. DeLeo

Photoaging, contact dermatitis, exzema; St. Luke's-Roosevelt; 212-523-6003

Michael Fisher

Dermatology/general; Montefiore-Weiler/Einstein Division, Bronx; 718-405-8300

Irwin M. Freedberg

Special expertis psoriasis; Admitting NYU Medical Center; 212-263-5889

Roy Geronemus

Skin laser surgery and Mohs' surgery; NYU Medical Center; 212-686-7306

Marsha Gordon

Photoaging and acne; Mount Sinai; 212-831-4119

Richard Granstein

Acne and immunodermatology; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-2007

Melanie Grossman

Skin laser surgery; NYU Downtown Hospital; 212-752-8600

Alfred Kopf

Skin cancer/melanoma; NYU Medical Center; 212-689-5050

Mark Lebwohl

Psoriasis and skin cancer; Mount Sinai; 212-876-7199

Seth Orlow

Dermatology/pediatric and hemangioma; NYU Medical Center; 212-263-5889

Darrell Rigel

Dermatology/general; NYU Medical Center; 212-684-5964

Perry Robins

Mohs' surgery and skin cancer/melanoma; NYU Medical Center; 212-263-7222

Richard K. Scher

Nail diseases; Columbia Prebyterian; 212-326-8465

Alan Shalita

Acne and rosacea; University Hospital-SUNY Health Sciences Center-Syracuse; Brooklyn 718-270-1230

Jerome L Shupack

Skin diseases; melanoma; Bellevue; 212-263-7344

Lawrence Brandt

AIDS/HIV; bowel disease; Montefiore, Bronx; 718-920-4476

Jonathan Cohen

Gastroenterology/general; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-889-5544

Douglas Dieterich

Heptatitis and AIDS/HIV; Cabrini Medical Center; 212-995-6904

Peter R. Holt

Diarrhea and inflammtory bowel disease; St. Luke's-Roosevelt; 212-523-3680

Ira Jacobson

Pancreatic disease and liver disease; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-2115

Baroukh Kodsi

Endoscopy and peptic ulcer reflux disease; Maimonides, Brooklyn; 718-851-6767

Burton Korelitz

Inflammatory bowel disease; Lenox Hill; 212-988-3800

Donald P. Kotler

Esophageal disease; AIDS/HIV-Nutrition; St. Luke's-Roosevelt; 212-523-3670

Charles Lightdale

Barrett's esophagus and photodynamic therapy; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-3423

David Markowitz

Gastroenterology/general; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-1024

Lloyd Mayer

Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis; Mount Sinai; 212-659-9266

Paul Miskovitz

Gastroenterology/general; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-717-4966

Daniel Present

Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's, and ulcerative colitis; Mount Sinai; 212-861-2000

David Sachar

Inflammatory bowel disease; Crohn's and ulcerative colitis; Mount Sinai; 212-241-4299

Jerome Siegel

Pancreatric/biliary disease and endoscopy; Beth Israel; 212-734-8874

Jerome Wayne

Endoscopy and colon cancer; Mount Sinai; 212-439-7779

Sidney Winawer

Endoscopy, colon cancer; colonoscopy/polypectomy; Memorial Sloan Kettering; 212-639-7678

Laura Fisher

Lyme disease and travel medicine; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-717-5920

Stanley Gitlow

Internal medicine/general; Mount Sinai; 212-722-5731

Thomas Nash

Asthma; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-734-6612

Peter Selwyn

AIDS/HIV, addiction and palliative care; Montefiore, Bronx 718-920-4678

Stephanie Seremetis

Hemophilia/bleeding disorders and women's health; Mount Sinai; 212-241-8818

Bruce Yaffe

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy; Lenox Hill; 212-879-4700

Brian Spatoff

Multiple sclerosis neuroimmunology; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-4504

Myron Beal

Huntington's Disease, Alzheimer's and neurodegenerative disease; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-6575

Carl Braun

Cerebrovascular disease and neuromuscular disorders; St Luke's-Roosevelt; 212-523-3650

John Brust

Stroke; Harlem Hospital Center; 212-939-4244

John J. Caronna

Stroke; cerebrovascular disease; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-2304

Jonathan Charney

Neurology/general; Mount Sinai; 212-831-2886

Lisa De Angelis

Neuro-oncology; Memorial Sloan Kettering; 212-639-7123

Stanley Fahn

Movement disorders and Parkinson's Disease; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-5277

Seymour Gendelman

Parkinson's Disease and dementia; Mount Sinai; 212-241-8172

Albert Goodgold

Parkinson's Disease and movement disorders; NYU Medical Center; 212-263-7205

Emile Hiesiger

Pain management and neuro-oncology; NYU Medical Center; 212-263-6123

Edwin Kolodny

Neurology/general; NYU Medical Center; 212-263-7755

David Levine

Dementia and stroke; NYU Medical Center; 212-263-7744

Fred Lublin

Multiple sclerosis; Mount Sinai; 212-241-7317

Jay Preston Mohr

Aphasia and stroke; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-8033

Martha Morrell

Epilepsy and epilepsy/women's issues; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-1742

C. Warren Olanow

Parkinson's Disease and movement disorders; Mount Sinai; 212-241-4623

Timothy A. Pedley

Epilepsy/seizure disorders; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-6489

Frank Petito

Multiple Sclerosis, headache and Lyme disease; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-2309

Fred Plum

Coma and stroke; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-6141

Jerome Posner

Neuro-oncology and brain tumors; Memorial Sloan Kettering; 212-639-7047

Michael Swerdlow

Myasthenia gravis; Montefiore, Bronx; 718-920-4178

George A. Vas

Stroke; University Hospital-Brooklyn; 718-270-1950

Harold Weinberg

Headache and Muscular Dystrophy; NYU Medical Center; 212-139-9339

Laxmi V. Baxi

Pregnancy/high risk, miscarriage-recurrent and multiple gestation; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-5899

Richard Berkowitz

Obstetrics & gynecology/general; Mount Sinai; 212-241-5681

John G. Boyce

Gynecologic cancer; University Hospital-Brooklyn; 718-270-2081

Michael Y. Divon

Maternal & fetal medicine and pregnancy/high risk; Lenox Hill; 212-434-2160

William Ledger

AIDS/HIV in pregnancy and infectious disease in pregnancy; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-3009

Howard Minkoff

AIDS/HIV in pregnancy; Maimonides, Brooklyn; 718-283-7048

Jonathan Aviv

Voice disorders and swallowing disorders; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-326-8475

Andrew Blitzer

Pain-orofacial and oromandibular dystonia; St Luke's-Roosevelt; 212-262-9500

Kenneth Brookler

Dizziness and hearing loss/tinnitus; Lenox Hill; 212-861-6900

Lanny Garth Close

Skull base surgery, head & neck cancer and sinus disorders/surgery; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-326-8475

Noel L. Cohen

Cochlear implants and acoustic nerve tumors; NYU Medical Center; 212-263-7373

Jordan Josephson

Nasal & sinus disorders; Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital; 212-717-1773

William Lawson

Sinus disorders/surgery; Mount Sinai; 212-241-9410

Simon Parisier

Cochlear implants; Lenox Hill; 212-535-6400

Norman Pastorek

Otolaryngology/general; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-987-4700

Mark Persky

Head & neck reconstruction, thyroid disorders & sinus disorders/surgery; Beth Israel-Singer Division; 212-844-8648

Thomas Romo III

Cosmetic surgery/face; NY Eye & Ear Infirmary; 212-619-3501

Steven Schaefer

Sinus disorders/surgery and head & neck surgery; NY Eye & Ear Infirmary; 212-979-4200

Mark Urken

Microvascular reconstruction and head & neck surgery; Mount Sinai; 212-241-9410

Robert Ward

Ophthalmology/pediatric and sinus disorders/surgery; Lenox Hill; 212-327-3000

Jack Wazen

Skull base surgery, Meniere's Disease and acoustic nerve tumors; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-249-3232

Peak Woo

Voice disorders and laryngology; Mount Sinai; 212-241-9425

Hugh Sampson

Pediatric allergy & immunology/general; Mount Sinai; 212-241-5548

Welton Mark Gersony

Heart disease/congenital; Columbia Presyterian; 212-305-3262

William E. Hellenbrand

Interventional cardiology; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-8509

Ira Parness

Echocardiography; Mount Sinai; 241-8662

Lenore S. Levine

Sexual development; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-6559

Maria Iandola New

Diabetes, adrenal disorders and growth/development disorders; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-3450

Sharon Oberfield

Adrenal disorders and thyroid disorders; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-6559

Joseph Levy

Gastroenterology; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-5693

Richard Mones

Pediatric gastroenterology/general; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-666-4610

James Bussel

Platelet disorders, immune deficiency and bleeding/coagulation disorders; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-3474

Mitchell Cairo

Bone marrow transplant and leukemia; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-8316

James Garvin

Pediatric hematology-oncology-general; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-9770

Brian Kushner

Neuroblastoma and bone marrow transplant; Memorial Sloan Kettering; 212-639-6793

Paul Meyers

Solid tumors and bone tumors; Memorial Sloan Kettering; 212-639-5952

Richard O' Reilly

Bone marrow transplant; Memorial Sloan Kettering; 212-639-5957

Peter Steinherz

Burkett's Lymphoma and leukemia; Memorial Sloan Kettering; 212-639-7951

Michael Weiner

Pediatric hematology-oncology - general; Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center; 212-305-9770

William Borkowsky

AIDS/HIV; NYU Medical Center; 212-263-6513

Anne Gershon

Herpes and meningitis; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-9445

Lisa Salman

Cystic fibrosis infection, fungal infection and hospital epidemiology; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-7935

Martin Nash

Pediatric nephrology/general; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-5825

Ari Goldsmith

Pediatric otolarngology; Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn; 718-780-1498

Jacqueline Jones

Pediatric otolaryngology/general; Weill Cornell Medical Center; 212-746-2236

Richard Rosenfeld

Sinus disorders/surgery and head & neck surgery; Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn; 718-780-1498

Robert Mellins

Asthma; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-5122

Lynne Quittell

Cystic Fibrosis; Columbia Presbyterian; 212-305-5122

Kathleen Haines

Pediatric rheumatology/general; Hospital for Joint Diseases; 212-598-6516

Thomas Lehman

Arthritis, Kawasaki's disease and lupus/SLE; Hospital for Special Surgery; 212-606-1151

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