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Toward Cancer Drugs That Penetrate Ten Times Deeper Into The Brain


Posted on: 11/16/2007

Toward Cancer Drugs That Penetrate Ten Times Deeper Into The Brain


ScienceDaily (Nov. 13, 2007) — A new drug-delivery system for cancer of the brain -- one of the most difficult cancers to treat -- has the potential to carry anticancer drugs 10 times deeper into tumors than conventional medications, researchers in Connecticut and New York report.

Implants with anticancer drugs inside plastic or polymer material have been used for years to treat brain tumors, which occur in people of all ages but are the leading cause of cancer-related death in patients under age 35.

Although this method delivers high doses of medication to the tumor, there's a need for a drug that penetrates deeper into the brain tissue to kill tumors. Most drugs diffuse barely a few millimeters from the implant site, the researchers say.

In the new study, Mark Saltzman and colleagues showed that linking the anticancer drug campothecin (CPT) to the polymer polyethylene glycol (PEG), increased drug diffusion to more than a centimeter from the implant site.

They also identified a promising CPT-PET compound that could deliver 11 times more medication to the tumor than the plain drug alone. For patients, those advantages could substantially improve chances for successful treatment, the researchers indicate.

Journal article: "Conjugation to Increase Treatment Volume during Local Therapy: A Case Study with PEGylated Camptothecin" Nov./Dec. issue of ACS' Bioconjugate Chemistry.

Adapted from materials provided by American Chemical Society.

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