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`96 crash may have set off man`s woes (San Jose Mercury News) ... followed in 1998 by a divorce and the death of his mother from a brain tumor.... - Aug 15 9:20 AM ET


Posted on: 08/15/2001

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San Jose Mercury News
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Local - San Jose Mercury News - updated 9:20 AM ET Aug 15
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Wednesday August 15 09:20 AM EDT "'96 crash may have set off man's woes"

'96 crash may have set off man's woes

By Dan Reed And Lisa Fernandez, Mercury News

The downward slide in the life of Rick Lee Davis, the air traffic controller accused of turning serial bank robber, may have started with a cow in the road five years ago.

He was zipping along in his Nissan Altima in Maui, when a black bovine with a white belly wandered into his path. The nighttime collision was devastating.

Davis spent four months in the hospital. A scar remains across his bald head. Money problems began, followed in 1998 by a divorce and the death of his mother from a brain tumor. The next year, he filed for bankruptcy. By then he'd moved to the Bay Area, his ex-wife and two teenage sons left behind in Hawaii.

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