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"Hero Videos" needed by the Cure Starts Now Foundation

Posted on: 01/13/2011


 This is from an organization called "the Cure Starts Now". They are putting together a powerful video and need help - you can record a very short video - even on your cell phone - and send it to them..




I want your story.  I want to know your hero.  Help us tell the world about the cancer hero that inspires you.  We need your videos – see below.  This is your chance to create a legacy in just 5 minutes.


For the past three years, one of the most anticipated events of The Cure Starts Now Gala has been the annual recap video.  Originally created as a medium by which to convey the “homerun” cancer strategy that we represent for all forms of cancer, both pediatric and adult, it has now become a capstone of the events of the year and a mission for future initiatives.  In the first year the message of the video was simple:  by focusing our efforts as a society on those cancers that experts believe offer the best chance at a cure for all cancers, mainly pediatric brain cancer, we can change the outcome of cancer for all.  Building on that theme, in the second year we told the story of an initiative that began with one heart and one child that had gained attention with the addition of chapters nationwide.  In the third year we focused on the international effort of The Cure Starts Now and the growing consensus for our mission within the medical community.  Now, in our fourth year, it is time to tell yet another story – and this one is personal.


In the end, the theme of The Cure Starts Now in 2011 is about heroes.  They are the heroes among us – heroes with ports for chemotherapy, heroes who have lost their hair in the face of radiation treatments, heroes that withstand all odds to become survivors and heroes that suffer at the hands of mercilessness disease called cancer.  And in the end, every video and every action we take through The Cure Starts Now is in tribute to these heroes and the lessons they’ve taught us.  It is for this reason that in 2011 and at The Cure Starts Now Gala this March 19th in Cincinnati, we will pay tribute to these heroes and the fight that they fight for all of us.  After all, awareness, an international effort and every dollar we raise is meaningless without the courageous efforts of our heroes.


This is where we need your help.  Help us to pay tribute to our heroes this month.  As part of The Cure Starts Now Gala recap video we are asking for you to tell us who your hero(es) is.  At the end of the recap video we will then display your hero and your video amongst possibly hundreds more to an audience of 700+ attendees and countless other viewers when it is posted to the internet on our YouTube account.  It will also be used as part of the DIPG Symposium meeting this March to convey the importance of the work we collectively fund.


To help in this project we only ask that you print a color 8.5”x11” picture of your hero and then record a video of you saying “My hero is _________”.  It can be your mother, your father, your grandfather, a friend, a child or even yourself.  Still, the message is simple – they are the reason why you choose to fight against cancer.  For this we ask that you keep it simple as we will show many more, providing an overwhelming reason why this fight is important.  As for the quality of the video we can work with about every format, though we would prefer a digital format over most.  You can even shoot this on a phone.  Then, once filmed we ask that you send to me at with a simple statement that you are allowing me to use this footage for the video without royalty or payment.  We will then use this in the video to convey a message that is unmistakable to all that will hear it.


Please be simple and brief.  First names are sufficient.  If you’d like, you can also do it with them by your side.  You can even mention several heroes if you’d like.  The idea is to capture the persuasiveness of numbers and refocus the mission back on the real heroes – not on awareness, money or non-profits. 


For those people located in Cincinnati, we will also be providing a central filming location that can film your hero statement.  All you need to bring is your printed picture of your hero.  Filming will be conducted on both January 20th  from 2-4pm and January 25th from 10am-12pm.  The location is:


Wing Media

4286 Mt. Carmel Tobasco, Suite B

Cincinnati, OH  45244


If you are planning on taking part in this, please help us coordinate the many people that will be filmed during these times by sending us an email at letting us know when during these times you planned on filming your statement.


Remember, this is open to everyone and every foundation.  It is not just about the heroes we find with pediatric brain cancer – it is about who inspires you, because, after all, The Cure Starts Now represents the hope of everyone fighting brain cancer.


If you plan on sending a video, please do so before February 1, 2011 to the email above.  And help us create a message that will endure forever!


To see the previous year’s recap video, visit


Thank you,




Keith Desserich

The Cure Starts Now Cancer Foundation


a 501(c)(3) Federal Non-Profit

Locations in OH, KY, AL, DC, NE, AR, VA, WV, GA, UT, TN, NY, TX-Dallas, CA, MN, NC, IL, TX-Houston and Australia




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