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Speaker From Duke University ~ Asheville, NC

Posted on: 04/01/2009


Speaker From Duke University ~ Asheville, NC ~
On April 16, 6:30PM at MAHEC in Room # 5, Western North Carolina Brain Tumor Support and co-sponsor the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States along with the group’s main sponsor, Carolina Spine and Neurosurgical Center,have a great event set up for brain tumor survivors and their families!
Dr. Duane Mitchell from Duke University, will address the group and community. Dr. Mitchell is an Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and Associate Director in the Duke Brain Tumor Immunotherapy in the division of neurosurgery and Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke. Dr. Mitchell progress is very impressive. His work has opened the door for brain tumor patients, and even more importantly, he gives hope to all people that have been diagnosed with brain cancer. 
Cancer patients and physicians are always looking for therapies free of side effects. But the standard treatments available to them are: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation—typically work via a shotgun approach, indiscriminately killing all rapidly dividing cells whether they're cancerous or not. A long-held notion that the immune response might, in some practical manner, be harnessed to target cancer cells while sparing the rest is now being put to the test. An experimental vaccine is now at Duke and other multi-centers in late-stage trials. If the therapy lives up to its promise, it could potentially be used for other cancers as well.

Have you ever thought what goes on before your doctor sets up a treatment for you? Thousands of hours are spent in the lab along with millions of dollars spent to find that one silver bullet. The researchers make vaccine from cells in the patients blood. The idea is to activate their immune systems, which will then attack and kill the tumor cells. With this research and development and a long with information, it is turned over to the oncologists to formulate a treatment for the patient.
All of these trials and testing is exciting!   If you have been diagnosed with a brain tumor or you are a brain tumor survivor or a cancer survivor, you should be very really excited! It is probably even more exciting for the families and caregivers!
Now you have a little bit of understanding about the importance of research is and how important it is to have a research doctor like Dr. Mitchell fighting for us! So spread the word! Get involved! Mark your calendars and make sure that you do not miss this great event!

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