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Moakley Remains in Grave Condition (Associated Press)...He nearly retired in 1995 when his health slipped and his wife, Evelyn, became sick with a brain tumor....- May 27 2:47 PM ET

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Posted on: 05/27/2001

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Associated Press
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Politics - Associated Press - updated 11:25 AM ET May 28
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Sunday May 27 2:46 PM ET "Moakley Remains in Grave Condition"

Moakley Remains in Grave Condition

WASHINGTON (AP) - Rep. Joseph Moakley was in grave condition Sunday, comforted by family and friends at the hospital where he has spent nearly a week.

The 74-year-old Massachusetts Democrat has incurable leukemia.

He has been at Bethesda Naval Hospital since May 21, when he was admitted for a routine blood transfusion that typically last a day or two.

His spokeswoman, Karin Walser, said Sunday that Moakley remained in grave condition and was being visited by friends and relatives.

Moakley announced Feb. 12 that he had an incurable form of leukemia and would not run for a 16th term. He has had several health problems over the years, including a liver transplant, removal of most of his kidneys and a right hip replacement.

He nearly retired in 1995 when his health slipped and his wife, Evelyn, became sick with a brain tumor. With her encouragement, he stayed on the job. She died the following year.

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