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Brain cancer patient beats odds with experimental treatment

Al Musella's Comments: (This is his personal views and are not necessarily the views of the Musella Foundation!)

 Optune is approved in the USA but experimental in Canada.  The nice thing about this article and video  is how this man is able to continue working while using the Optune device. He doesn't try to hide it and he has the most public of jobs - being a teacher. He is able to travel and teach while using it.

 The biggest reason I hear for people not wanting to use this treatment is they are afraid of how it would look to other people. Some people hide it with a wig, hat or do-rag.   Search youtube for "optune" to see many stories from patients and how they handle using the device - some hide it well but  others don't try to hide it.

My response is to ask:  what is worse:  having to be seen walking around in public with something on your head or not being able to communicate and being pushed around in a wheelchair? .  This treatment allows gbm patients to function longer. On average, about 25% longer, which translates into an almost 50% increase in the chances of being alive in 2 years. Some people do much better and this may buy time for other treatments to work.  I routinely see people refuse to use it when they are doing well because they do not like the way it looks.  Then as the tumor progresses and they develop neurologic problems, then they realize how serious a gbm is and want to use it - but it is to late at that point. The best time to start it is right after radiation is over.



Posted on: 12/19/2015

Brain cancer patient beats odds with experimental treatment


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