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Thorough Eye Exam Predicts Medical Future (KSAT Jack Abramson performs complete eye exams that can detect diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts and even brain tumors in children. - Jul 16 6:39 PM ET

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Posted on: 07/16/2001

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Local - KSAT - updated 11:22 AM ET Jul 17
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Monday July 16 09:22 PM EDT "Thorough Eye Exam Predicts Medical Future"

Thorough Eye Exam Predicts Medical Future

Dr. Jack Abramson performs complete eye exams that can detect diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts and even brain tumors in children.

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Through the Eye Can See Foundation, a program trying to help San Antonio area students succeed, Abramson is trying to reach that goal by looking directly into their eyes.

"We've even detected children with brain tumors, just by doing eye exams on them," he said.

Abramson peers into eyes and looks at blood vessels to make sure they are formed properly. He also conducts a 3-D test to find out if a child is prone to certain diseases.

He said that he wants to look into the eyes of every child in San Antonio, but he needs help to pay for it.

Currently, he needs funding for the foundation to give area students thorough eye exams.

The doctor said that some medical problems may come up in the future and undetected poor eyesight could lead to a poor future for a child.

"Our program is designed to give everybody the same opportunities," Abramson said. "All children should have an equal opportunity to succeed in school."

He hopes to start his program as early as the upcoming school year.

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