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Meridian Boy Has Fewer Seizures Thanks To New Technology

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Posted on: 04/16/2004

Meridian Boy Has Fewer Seizures Thanks To New Technology

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April 15, 2004
By Starlyn Klein
An eight year old Meridian boy is benefiting from new advancements in controlling seizures.

Cody Lumley has been visiting doctors regularly since the age of three. "He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was surgically removed and he developed a seizure disorder as a result of the brain tumor," said Pediatric Neurologist, Dr. David Bettis.

Dr. David Bettis says Cody was put on a number of anti-epileptic medications but they all gave him side effects.

The only alternative was a Vagal Nerve Stimulator which is a medical device coined the "pacemaker for the brain."

"There's a small battery that is implanted underneath the collar bone underneath the skin. Then a wire runs from the battery and is wrapped around the nerve and the neck and the battery stimulates the nerve through the wire and the nerve projects directly to the brain stimulating it," said Dr. Bettis.

With the Vagal Nerve Stimulator working around the clock if Cody should have seizures all he has to do is take a particular magnet and put it up against the device. It's suppose to help diminish the effects of a seizure.

Dr. Bettis reprograms the VNS Therapy device on Cody with a wand and hand-held computer while downloading data.

After a few minutes Dr. Bettis says Cody is doing well and this technology is something that's offering this rambunctious boy a second chance at life. "It's had a really great response to his seizure control. His seizures have significantly decreased which has just got to make him feel better," said Cody's Mother Renee Lumley.

Last spring, Cody was named Idaho's Winning Kid representing an estimated 6,000 Idaho children with epilepsy. In October, he was named National Winning Kid, representing thousands of children nationwide.

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