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01/21/18 Lessons Learned Using a High-definition Three-dimensional Exoscope for Brain Tumor Surgery        

 Very cool video of a new tool for brain tumor surgery. Warning - very graphic.

01/20/18 Cancer remedy draws patients and criticism        

 I know nothing about this specific treatment, but it raises a lot of red flags. They refuse to publish results. This could mean one of 2 possibilities:

The treatment doesn't work - so if they publish results, patients would stop going to them and stop giving them $250,000 a treatment. OR - the treatment does work, and by not sharing the results - they are literally killing thousands of patient a year who could benefit from the treatment, if it really did work.  Either way, not good.

If it really worked on pediatric DIPG, it would be simple to prove, since the standard treatments do not do so well. 

01/17/18 Midatech and UCSF receive IND approval for DIPG treatment MTX110        

 There is a huge unmet need for more treatments of this rare pediatric brain tumor. Glad to see a new clinical trial! I wish them luck.

01/17/18 Help Us Understand Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Patient Experiences better through a quick survey:        

 This is only for patients (and caregivers) where the patient was diagnosed with a GBM in the last 15 months.  If that fits your situation, please take the survey.  You will get $75 for your time, and a donation will be made to the Musella Foundation.  (If you do the survey, let me know).


01/17/18 High-Dose Metformin Plus Temozolomide Shows Increased Anti-tumor Effects in Glioblastoma In Vitro and In Vivo Compared with Monotherapy.        

 Very interesting.  In our virtual trial, we have 10 glioblastoma patients who tried the combination and they did a lot better, on average, than those who took Temozolomide without Metformin.

01/17/18 Long Island resident with recurrent brain cancer receives novel experimental treatment at Lenox Hill Hospital        

 This is an exciting new type of treatment. I will be watching it closely!

01/11/18 Drugs targeting the cells circadian rhythm offers hope for glioblastoma        

This article is a little complicated to follow, but it may lead to a breakthrough. Excellent work.

01/10/18 Dr. Kurt Jaeckle to Lead Phase III Clinical Trial of Novel Drug VAL-083 for Late-Stage Glioblastoma        

 This is a trial for recurrent glioblastoma patients who have failed Temodar and Avastin.  There is another trial of Val-083 for newly diagnosed MGMT unmethylated patients.  Val-083 is a chemotherapy similar  to Temodar but works at a different location on the DNA of the tumor cells.  It should theoretically not be affected by the MGMT status and may work even when the tumor is resistant to Temodar

01/06/18 Help Us Understand Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Patient Experiences better through a quick survey:        

 We have worked with this company before, and they do pay the $75 to you, and also send a donation to the Musella Foundation!

01/05/18 Bettye J. Wiley Hooks shares lessons of own battle with cancer        

 One of our members wrote a nice book about her experiences with a brain tumor

12/29/17 Musella Foundation awards brain tumor research grant!        

We gave this researcher a grant previously - that project came out very well.  She now needs just a little more money to follow up on it to get enough data to apply for big government grants.  Our relatively small investment in her work can lead to a big grant that can take this new treatment into the clinic!


12/29/17 Charitable giving to take a hit from the tax law        

 This may have a big effect not only on our organization but all charities.  

12/28/17 Foundation Aims For Virtual Trial Registry To Help Patients With Brain Cancer Get Drugs Sooner        

Of course I am biased, but I think this is the fastest way to finding the cure for brain tumors!

12/27/17 Cancer Drug Price Rises 1,400% With No Generic to Challenge It        

My knee jerk reaction is that this is insane. They did not spend a penny on research and development for it - that was done 40 years ago!  However, without this company making it, we wouldn't be able to use it. Nobody would be making it. If anyone else wanted to make it, they would be able to, and the price would go down.  Medicare (which is probably the largest payer for this drug)  paid about $600,000 last year for this drug, at the high price. Back when it was cheaper, they used to spend $160,000 a year on it.  That isn't enough money for a drug company to take on it on.  Even for a generic drug, it requires some people to work on it, manufacturing and distribution costs, advertising as well as insurance in case it causes problems.  I can see how a drug used in rare instances can be this expensive.

12/27/17 Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Begins Phase 3 Clinical Trial with TSC in Glioblastoma Multiforme        

 This is my favorite trial for newly diagnosed inoperable glioblastomas! They had some impressive results in the early trials - particularly among inoperable tumors.

12/26/17 DelMar Pharmaceuticals announces Fast Track designation for VAL-083 in recurrent Glioblastoma        

 Great news!  This is one of my favorite experimental treatments.  Fast track designation will speed up the approval process!


12/23/17 Musella Foundation Co-pay Assistance Program Status        

 If you could use help - do not be shy about asking. These treatments can get expensive.  If you think you need it, apply as soon as possible as the program is going to close quickly.  Send by fax. IF you do not have fax, email it to us, but call us on the phone 888-295-4740 after you email it, and tell us you sent it. We will look for it and fax it for you.

12/23/17 Musella Foundation awards brain tumor research grant!        

 This project will hopefully allow the researcher to apply for a large NIH grant to get the clinical trial going!

I thank all of our end of year donors for making this possible.

We have 3 other worthy projects waiting for funding. If you would like to help fund them, make a donation at:

As a reminder, the tax laws have changed significantly for next year.  For most people, it is going to be better to donate in 2017 than 2018.  Ask your accountant! As always, it is best to donate appreciated stocks than to donate cash. This works best for stock that you own for over a year.  Click HERE for details on why it is better.  We make it simple to donate stock. Just call us at 888-295-4740 and we will explain how to do it.

12/23/17 Highlights from the Society for Neuro Oncology annual meeting, San Francisco California, November 16-19 2017        

 Our medical editor, Stephen Western, put together what we feel are the most important stories from the SNO meeting!  

There are a few reports of long term survivors with no recurrence after a few years - with Optune, Toca 511, and a new vaccine.  If it were possible to combine these things, we may have something that is effective for the majority of patients!  We are working on that - stay tuned!


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