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Problems with the brain tumor chat room:

There are 2 ways to access the rooms: This Website (using a java applet) and IRC.

Click HERE for the website Java version
This way uses java so if your browser doesn't use it or you have WebTV, you must use the IRC route. The java has to load, so it is slower than using IRC. It may take a minute or 2 the first time you access it - just be patient. It may look like nothing is happening, but don't hit the reload button or you just start over again!
IF you get an error message when loading the java version, try this (assuming you are using Internet Explorer. Other browsers will have the option in a different place - look around for it): 1. On your browser's main menu, click "TOOLS" then "INTERNET OPTIONS" then click the "ADVANCED" tab. Scroll down to the Java section and remove any of the checkboxes as shown in this sample: Java Options
Then save, then reboot your computer and try again. If it doesn't work, use the IRC method described below!

For IRC:
Use your regular chat client (mIRC, VIRC, ircle, etc.).
The server address is:
The channel name: braintumor (Note the spelling!)

WEB TV access via IRC:

From homepage, click on Community, click on Chat, click on Go To, type in (no spaces), leave port entry blank, type in #braintumor, click on connect. You may have to click on connect several times to gain access. [If that doesn't work, use the address]
IF the above methods don't work (usually because you are trying to access it from work and the boss blocked chat access:) , there is one last thing to try:
Use IRC, as above, but specify port 23 This port is usually not blocked!

Now, we will have our regular Sunday evening appointment at these North American times (you can come any time--you will often find one of us there):
Western time: 6 PM
Mountain time: 7 PM
Central time: 8 PM
Eastern time: 9 PM
The eastern-most part of Canada: 10 PM
But the room is available all the time--24 hours a day.

NOTE: For our special hosted chats, there is a different room.. Go to the room #auditorium.
To ask a question of the guest host, click HERE

IRC clients:
You will need a chat "client" or software to use IRC.
Another client for PCs is mIRC. It can be downloaded at
mIRC comes in a self extracting format. Self-extracting means that it will unzip itself without having to have the PKUNZIP program. mIRC is now version 5.41 and is shareware.

Another PC program is PIRCH. Other programs are available for the PC. A good location to choose one is
They have various mirror sites listed; choose one and then choose "Text Chat" from the hypertext links. All the available programs are listed; some are available for both Win 3.11 and Win95.

Programs for the Mac that work on Anothernet are "ircle" and MacIRC, version 0.9.4. The latest version is always available at

Mary Lynn Bower
jpa, vermis of cerebellum, 4-93
Health Search, Inc.
1 East Lonnquist Blvd., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-3857
(847) 577-1043

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