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This page is out of date. We leave it here for historical reference only

Last Updated: May 17, 2001

Click HERE to go to GLEEVEC.COM which is the 'official' Gleevec site - developed by Novartis.

  • Gleevec was approved on May 10, 2001, for the treatment of a form of Leukemia, called CML. It is a new type of treatment, that targets a specific receptor on the tumor cell, and doesn't just randomly kill any growing cell, as standard chemotherpies do. It is an oral capsule, with only minor side effects.
  • It IS NOT APPROVED FOR THE TREATMENT OF BRAIN TUMORS, but there is a chance that it might be useful for brain tumors. Brain tumors seem to have the receptor that Gleevec targets. Click HERE to see the article that reports on the presence of the receptor in brain tumors.
  • Gleevec used to be known as Glivec, STI-571 and STI571
  • The first trials of Gleevec for brain tumors has recently started, and it is too early to tell if it helps.
  • Click HERE to see a list of clinical trials using Gleevec for brain tumors
  • Since the drug is approved for one type of cancer, doctors ARE allowed to prescribe it for whatever they think it might help, so if you are not eligable for the trials, there is the possibility of having your oncologist prescribe it "off label".
  • Since this is an exciting new treatment, if you are planning on using Gleevec, please consider joining our "brain tumor virtual trial" - which tracks the outcome. We do not tell you what to do, we just record what treatments you do and the outcome. Click HERE for details. It is free and easy to join.
  • There is a listserver set up for the discussion of Gleevec for brain tumors, click HERE to join.

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