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The brain tumor forum is a place where you can ask questions about brain tumor treatments. There is no charge for participating, but we are requiring that you register to insure that you read and understand the disclaimer.


  • This forum is a place to toss ideas around. Since we do not have access to your medical records and can't physically examine you, we can't make a diagnosis, or prescribe a treatment plan. We may be able to offer some ideas to you for you to discuss further with your doctors.
  • Remember - this is not a substitute for visiting your medical doctors - if you are having an emergency - call your doctors - if you can't get them - go to the emergency room of a hospital.
  • Privacy: The messages posted on this forum are permanently archived, and are available to anyone who wants to search for them. Keep that in mind if you have anything to lose if your name is associated with brain tumors.
    The messages will not be indexed by the internet search engines, so somebody investigating you would have to already know that you have something to do with brain tumors to find any messages from you, but there is that possibility. If that small possibility worries you, then you can register with your full first name, and just use your last initial, so nobody can identify you. I insist that all doctors use their full name, and suggest that you also list your specialty, hospital affiliation, and may include phone number in each message (set up the 'signature' option to do that automatically for you).
  • Legal matters: Many doctors are hesitant to offer any comments publicly for fear of legal reprisals. That is the main stumbling block in setting up a forum like this. We need their participation if this is going to work, so you have to understand that their responses are for educational purposes only - and may not apply to your specific circumstances, and that the doctors can't be held responsible if you use a suggestion and it doesn't work out correctly. If you want to make them responsible for their comments, call them, set up an appointment with them, and let them examine you and review your medical records, and pay them for the visit!
By accessing the VirtualTrials Brain Tumor Forum, you agree to hold VirtualTrials, Inc. and The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information, Inc., their officers and directors - as well as the doctors - and other people -who post messages on the forum, harmless from any loss, claim or damage arising from your use of any of the information and ideas contained on this site, including following suggestions or advice posted on the message boards, exchanged during live chat discussions or contained in articles published on the website.
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