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  • Question: I recently posted a question about vertigo and got no response. Maybe it did not get sent. Here it is again: I have had about 5 episodes of fairly severe vertigo in the past 5 years. It usually lasts about a day and then I am fine. Some people have mentioned that sometimes vertigo is caused by indigestion or other stomach problem. Is this true? Since it has happened a few times, all of the sudden, what could be the cause? I am not asking for a diagnosis of my problem, just general ideas of what it could be.
  • Answer:02/08/2003
    There is a condition called benign vertigo, which, as the name implies, is usually not serious and is relieved with over the counter medications. However, benign vertigo is a diagnosis of exclusion. Other serious conditions related to the ear such as infection, cardiovascular system such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, anemia, or seizure disorders, as well as many other conditions, should be looked at first. I would recommend a full evaluation by your primary care physician.

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