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  • Question: I recently had a CAT scan of my sinuses and they turned out great. However, they noticed that I have an asymmetrical temporal horn in the left ventrical of my brain. They said they could not see any edema or lesional masses but want an MRI with GODA done just to be 100% safe. The ENT even wrote on his pad, DX: Defect in lateral horn. My ENT said that it was probably nothing and something that I was born with. I am , however, riddled with anxiety. I have no idea what a horn is let alone what it does. I even called a nurse hotline and they did not know either. I tried Google but the medical jargon overwhelms me. I just want the questions answered in layman terms. 1. What is a lateral horn and what does it do? What defects could there be? 2. What is GODA? My MRI is on Monday and I know this is not as serious as some of your problems on here but I would greatly appreciate your answers.
  • Answer:06/06/2006
    Temporal horn is the edge of your temporal lobe.

    GODA is gadolinium which is a special dye that lights up blood vessel areas that can outline normal anatomy, congenital blood vessel problems, and some tumors.
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