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  • Question: I had a tumor resected which was an atypical meningioma. Though this was 100% removed, the doctors say that it is better to have radiosurgery so that all the cells in this location will be killed. I am ready to go for this, but I am afraid of the side effects. I have heard that in the long-term, the part where the the brain was treated might get damaged. The tumor was right above the speech area of my brain. I am afraid that my speech area might get damaged if I have this treatment. After the surgery i was not able to speak due to swelling. But now i am able to speak abt 80% and i know that i will be fine in a few days. because i can see the changes in my speech. Will you please give your comments regarding the radio surgery.
  • Answer:03/01/2002
    The diagnosis of "malignant meningioma" is difficult to make. First, I would make sure the pathology is reviewed and even a second pathology opinion obtained. If it is really thought to be this, radiosurgery is a consideration. There is always a chance of some damage to the adjacent brain with radiosurgery and, without seeing any scans, I cannot quantify that risk. Often, any radiosurgery swelling can be treated with steriods. On balance, if this really is a malignant meningioma under the microscope, then radiosurgery should probably be done post-op.

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