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  • Question: My mother has been diagnosed with brain metastases stage 4. Her cancer was originally from the lung. They found 2 tumors inside her brain. She was given the option to pick two kinds of radiotherapy.....targeted radiotherapy and whole brain radiotherapy. She is age 55 and the dr's advice was to do a targeted radiotherapy, but we are afraid that the chances of that specific treatment will be cause for a high rate of reoccurence. I badly need some advice regarding a possibility for treatment with a combination of whole brain and targeted radiotherapy together. The question is how bad will be the side effects and and which process of radiotherapy will be best.c
  • Answer:04/26/2012
    These are questions that you MUST ask the treating doctors. For example, in some instances it is better to surgically remove the tumors and then use radiotherapy. A lot depends on other medical conditions she may also have. It is difficult to offer a generalization.

    Paul M. Zeltzer MD Co-Director WholeChildLA Pain Program Clinical Professor in Neurosurgery David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
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