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  • Question: How can you tell if you have a brain tumor? What are some symptoms?
  • Answer:10/29/2002
    Symptoms of brain tumors depend almost entirely on location, location, location. Thus, if a tumor is in the motor area, a limb weakness/paralysis will occur, while if it is in the frontal lobes, personality or behavioral changes are more commmon.

    A mass in the back of the brain (occipital lobe) would cause visual disturbance; a mass in the parietal/temporal lobe could cause word finding difficulty or speech arrest or seizures. A tumor on the motor strip of the fronto-parietal area would cause movement problems in the specific area controlling arm, leg, facial, etc. movement. On the other hand, a lemon-sized tumor in the frontal lobe could be silent for a long time, while a dime (10 cent) sized tumor in the brain stem area could rapidly cause complete paralysis. It can be difficult to diagnose a brain tumor because the symptoms can mimic other conditions such as headache as a migraine headache, or tension headache. Vomiting can be due to an intestinal upset, nervousness, ulcers, food poisoning. Seizures can be due to other causes such as drugs, medicines or alcohol. Weakness of a hand or arm, or speech difficulty could be due to a stroke, medicines etc. The persistence of any or all of those symptoms could point to a possible brain tumor.
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