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NCT01507506 : Phase III Study Comparing 2 Brain Conformational Radiotherapy in Combination With Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Glioblastoma
PhasePhase 3
AgesMin: 18 Years Max: N/A
Inclusion Criteria:

1. Patients must have unifocal glioblastoma (grade IV astrocytoma, WHO classification).
The GBM can be:

- Or resectable and the patient has received curative surgery

- Or unresectable, and the largest tumor diameter (contrast enhancement) must be
less than 5 cm on MRI

2. In all cases, the diagnosis must be confirmed by a pathologist. In patients for whom
surgery is not possible, the diagnosis is confirmed by a biopsy of tumor tissue.

3. Methylation status of MGMT gene promoter is known

4. Patients who have undergone resection should have received an MRI or a scan after
surgery in order to visualize residual tumor. If not, the operative report must be

5. Surgery or biopsy must have occurred 45 days before the start of radiotherapy.

6. WHO ? 2

7. Age ? 18 years

8. Signed Consent collected before any specific procedure in the study

9. Patient member in a national insurance scheme

Exclusion Criteria:

1. Signs of hemorrhage on pre-radiotherapy MRI preventing a good spectrometric analysis

2. Patient with multifocal glioblastoma

3. Tumor located within 2 cm of the optic chiasm

4. Patient with leptomeningeal metastases,

5. patients prone to epileptic seizures despite treatment with anticonvulsant

6. Patients who received other previous treatment for glioblastoma multiforme

7. Abnormal haematological results at inclusion with:

- Neutrophils < 1500/mm3

- Blood-platelets < 100000/mm3

8. Severe or chronic renal insufficiency (creatinin clearance ? 30 ml/min calculated
using Cockroft-Gault's formula

9. Patient unable to follow procedures, visits, examinations described in the study

10. Any usual formal indication against imaging examinations (important claustrophobia,
pace maker ...)

11. Pregnant women or nursing mothers can not participate in the study. Women of
childbearing age must have a negative pregnancy test within 72 hours prior to study

12. Men and women of childbearing age must use effective contraception at study entry and
throughout the study

13. Any concomitant or previous malignant disease within 5 years prior to study entry

14. Any prior systemic chemotherapy within 5 years prior to inclusion (for malignant
disease in medical history)

15. Any other medical conditions making the inclusion of the patient in the study
inappropriate in the opinion of the investigator

16. Patient under legal guardianship
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Facility: Clinique Claude Bernard
Investigator: Pierre AUBERDIAC, MD
Contact: Pierre AUBERDIAC, MD Phone: 08 26 20 32 03
Email not avaialable


Facility: Centre Jean Perrin
Investigator: Julian-Mickaël BIAU, Md
Contact: Julian-Mickaël BIAU, Md. Phone: 0473278142
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Facility: Centre Georges François Leclerc
Investigator: Gilles TRUC, Pr.
Contact: Gilles TRUC, Pr.
Email not avaialable


Facility: Hospices Civils de Lyon (Hôpital Lyon Sud/Hôpital P. Wertheimer)
Investigator: Anne D'HOMBRES, Md
Contact: Anne D'HOMBRES, Md. Phone: 04 78 86 42 60
Email not avaialable


Facility: Centre Leon Berard
Investigator: Marie-Pierre SUNYACH, Md
Contact: Marie-Pierre SUNYACH, Md Phone: 0478782828
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Facility: AP HM - Hôpital La Timone
Investigator: laetitia PADOVANI, Md
Contact: Laetitia PADOVANI, Md Phone: 0491384334
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Facility: Centre Val d'Aurelle
Investigator: Christine KERR, Md
Contact: Christine KERR, Md Phone: 0467613132
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Facility: Institut de Cancerologie Lucien Neuwirth
Investigator: Nicolas MAGNE, Pr.
Contact: Nicolas MAGNE, Pr. Phone: 04 77 91 71 02
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Facility: Centre Paul Strauss
Investigator: Georges NOEL, Pr
Contact: Georges NOEL, Pr Phone: 0388252456
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Facility: CHU de Strasbourg
Investigator: Izzie-Jacques NAMER, Pr.
Contact: Izzie-Jacques NAMER, Pr. Phone: 03 88 12 75 50
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Facility: Institut Claudius REGAUD
Investigator: Anne LAPRIE, Md
Contact: Anne LAPRIE, m Phone: 561424153
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Facility: Centre Marie Curie
Investigator: Bertrand FLEURY, Md.
Contact: Bertrand FLEURY, Md. Phone: 04 75 81 33 81
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