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NCT01346267 : Acupressure in Controlling Nausea in Young Patients Receiving Highly Emetogenic Chemotherapy
PhasePhase 3
AgesMin: 4 Years Max: 18 Years

- 4 to 18 years of age, inclusive. The patient's cognitive ability must be considered
by a parent or healthcare professional to be at least at a 4 year-old level.

- Newly diagnosed (i.e., not relapsed) with any malignancy.

- Patients are not required to be registered on a COG therapeutic trial.

- The patient's current chemotherapy treatment plan must include at least 1 course of

- cisplatin at ? 50 mg/m2/dose or

- ifosfamide plus etoposide or doxorubicin or

- cyclophosphamide plus an anthracycline.

- Patients may have previously received other chemotherapy.

- The patient's current treatment plan must include an anti-emetic regimen with either
ondansetron or granisetron on a scheduled basis. Patients may also receive
dexamethasone for antiemetic prophylaxis during the acute phase at the discretion of
the treating physician. Patients ? 12 years old may also receive aprepitant in
conjunction with dexamethasone for antiemetic prophylaxis at the discretion of the
treating physician.

- Patients needing anti-emetic treatment for breakthrough nausea/vomiting may also
receive anti-emetic agents on an as needed (PRN) basis.

- The patient (parent/guardian) must be English-speaking (i.e., able to read and speak
in English) since the PeNAT has been validated only in English.

- All patients and/or their parents or legal guardians must sign a written informed
consent (patient assent is also recommended when applicable according to each
institution's policy).


- Prior history of acupressure use.

- Scheduled use of antiemetic agents other than ondansetron, granisetron, dexamethasone
or aprepitant. Patients may receive other antiemetic agents PRN for breakthrough
nausea/vomiting but not on a scheduled basis
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