Mathametical modeling of brain tumor treatments
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This page is out of date. We leave it here for historical reference only

Mathematical Modeling of Brain Cancer

Editor's Note: This paper is a work in progress. It was written for a specific brain tumor patient, and is theoretical. Do not take the treatment recommendations as advice, rather look at the philosophy of the entire paper.

I am posting it as it is now because I feel this is one of the most important papers on the subject. I hope to generate discussion and feedback on the approach and the specific model assumptions so that we can quickly improve and refine the work. My ultimate hope is to do for brain tumors what was done for AIDS: take a completely hopeless disease and find some hope QUICKLY!

There are 3 formats for this paper:

  • Click HERE for the PDF version. This looks the best, and should work in all browsers as long as you have the PDF plug. If you don't have the plug-in, go to and get it!
  • Click HERE for the Microsoft Word 95 version. This requires the Microsoft Word 95 viewer.
  • Click HERE for the web version. It requires a recent Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser, 5.0 or higher. Note that the equations will not appear in netscape or lower versions of IE!
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