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  • The Brainstem mailing list is a group of brainstem glioma patients, parents, caregivers and medical professionals who exchange messages on the internet.
  • Everyone is welcome to join.
  • It works via e-mail. When someone from the group sends a message to the main computer, it is redistributed to the entrie group. If you respond to the message, it gets sent back to everyone else in the group.
  • There are no costs involved, other than that of your internet connection
  • EVERYONE who has an interest in brainstem tumors, either as a patient or medical professional, should join.
New: We recently moved to new software, which allows you to search the archives! Click here to go to the control center. Sign in and select the Brainstem list for details!

Subscribe To The BrainStem List

For the e-mail address, make sure you use the format that enables you to get mail from the internet.
For example, AOL users, add "" to their screen names.
Compuserve users, replace any commas in the name, and add "".


Clich HERE to go the the OneList Control Panel. Sign in and select the brainstem list, then follow the instructions on how to unsubscribe and set options!

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