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Brain Tumor Singapore Brain Tumor Foundation06/25/19
Xanthoastrocytoma xanthoastrocytoma blog06/12/19
The Recovery Village Grief is an intensely emotional and natural response to loss. Many times, the temptation to turn off the emotions associated with grief can be overwhelming, and substance abuse may provide a temporary escape. The Recovery Village offers comprehensive treatment for dual diagnosis based drug and alcohol rehab, eating disorder and mental health treatments tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Top of the line medical care, combined with wellness programs and holistic addiction treatments such as yoga and meditation, massage and equine resources mean we are dedicated to healing the whole self. 09/04/18
The Recovery Village Grief is an intensely emotional and natural response to loss. Many times, the temptation to turn off the emotions associated with grief can be overwhelming, and substance abuse may provide a temporary escape. The Recovery Village offers comprehensive treatment for dual diagnosis based drug and alcohol rehab, eating disorder and mental health treatments tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Top of the line medical care, combined with wellness programs and holistic addiction treatments such as yoga and meditation, massage and equine resources mean we are dedicated to healing the whole self. 09/04/18
Follow a memoir in progress Karen writes about the lessons she learned from her son`s 20 year SUCCESSFUL rumble with a pylocytic astrocytoma. Please click on the link to follow her journey.05/04/18
First Aid for People Living With Cancer A must read for anyone who knows someone with cancer04/07/18
Braintumour Foundation The Netherlands Finding a cure by stimulating brain tumour research fund01/12/18
Sherlock Software Software Development02/26/17
Cancer Hope Network Matches cancer patients or family members (including those with malignant brain tumors) with trained volunteer cancer survivors who themselves have had a similar cancer experience.01/27/16
Team Amber Supporting Brain Cancer Awareness. Helping one family at a time. 11/28/15
Brain tumor treatment options Brain tumor treatment options12/03/13
Brain Diary Free custom built websites for individuals living with brain tumors. Share experiences through a blog, communicate with family, create an image gallery and more. 11/23/13 blog blog is now LIVE! Please join the blog and learn how Steve has erradicated terminal stage IV cancer!10/18/13
iSTAR (Initiative for the Study and Advanced AT/RT Research). Atypical teratoid rhabdod tumor (AT/RT).10/10/13
The International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy (CTCI) Clinic uses innovative cell therapy for many cancers including GBM...Not a clinical trial07/30/13
Edward B. Arenson, MD Neuro-oncologist Founder, CNI Center for Brain and Spinal Tumors10/19/12
Epidermoid Brain Tumor Society Epidermoid Brain Tumor Society05/09/12
The Social Security and Disability Resource Center The Social Security and Disability Resource Center ( is an informational website that provides answers to questions about how to apply for disability, how to appeal a claim in the event of a denial, how to navigate the federal system, and how to avoid certain mistakes that are commonly made by applicants. The site’s author is a former disability examiner for the social security administration.11/09/11
German Brain Tumour Assoziation The Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe e.V. - a brain tumour association registered in Germany - was established in 1998. It is the only organisation in German-speaking countries dedicated to providing information and support to brain tumour patients.10/03/11
Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure Mission and Focus: to invest in research aimed at finding the fastest possible route to a cure.09/27/11
The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke University Medical Center one of the largest and most successful in the field. It has received the highest rating of "Outstanding" by a National Cancer Institute peer review group`s evaluation of the Duke Cancer Institute over the last ten years. Dedicated entirely to the treatment and cure of brain and spinal tumors in children and adults, we combine the resources of a leading research hub with a commitment to the best in patient care.09/27/11
Brain Tumour Supoort Brain tumour support organisation in Western Australia offering assistance to people with brain tumour, their family, and carers.06/30/11
Cancershield: Natural and Alternative Cancer Cures Proven alternative remedies,treatment,medicine,herbs,nutrition and natural cancer cures, cancer patient nutrition, complementary alternative Cancer therapies.06/30/11
Find a doctor at is a great source for comprehensive medical information on over 720,000 doctors nationwide. Our site offers consumers free information on doctors’ practices and specialties, consumer reviews, recommendations from other doctors as well as free physician profiles.06/16/11
Cancer Treatment Options and Management A personalized cancer research company that informs and educates cancer patients on recent peer review cancer research for their specific case. 05/19/11
Hospice Idaho XL Hospice is a local, family owned, hospice with nearly 20 years experience in quality end of life care.05/11/11
Joel`s journey- A sense of tumour. Blog of 6 year old Joel who has medulloblastoma.03/16/11
Alternative Cancer Solutions Learn what natural cancer remedies there are in the market place and which to stay away from.03/05/11
A resource page of links to organisations in Australia that provide support and treatment to brain tumour patients Australia Brain Tumour Organisations02/26/11
Brain Tumour Australia Information A website for Australian patients & families - Brain tumour information: types, diagnosis, treatments, radiation and chemo therapy, support, research, etc02/26/11
Epilepsy Resources Epilepsy Resources12/04/10
AllRefer Health - BAER - brainstem auditory evoked response BAER - brainstem auditory evoked response Evoked auditory potentials, BAEP - brainstem auditory evoked potentials, Evoked response audiometry information center covers Definition, Why is the Test Performed?, How is the Test Performed?, How to Prepare for the Test?, How will the Test Feel?, Risks, Special Considerations, Normal Values, What do Abnormal Results Mean?, Prevention, References, Pictures & Images11/11/10
National Cancer network Guidelines. These are the official guidelines of standard treatments for all types of brain tumors. Registration is required but is free.09/02/10 - Normal Grief (Grieving, Mourning, Bereavement, Loss) provides information to related Normal Grief (Grieving, Mourning, Bereavement, Loss)08/30/10
Beyin Tümörü Tedavisi Türkiye A Brain tumor patient support group established in Turkey06/29/10
Healing Care Resources This site shares how dying people teach us to enter into soul awareness and heal from our grief.06/13/10
06/21/2010 - The Michael Overall Golf Classic A benefit planned by family and friends to raise awareness and funds for my fathers unexpected illness. We are looking for sponsors, donations, silent auction items, and golfers. Please join us, or promote your business through a gift during this battle against a terrible disease. Thank you! Sharon Overall 05/30/10
Cancer Support Forum An online discussion forum for cancer topics such as symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, coping, and support03/30/10
IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal Easy-to-use search engine, created by the research-based pharmaceutical industry to find Ongoing Clinical Trials and Clinical Trials Results of New Medicine. 12/08/09
Radiation Ocology Resources Specializing in customized radiation treatment planning services, including remote dosimetry services. 10/20/09
Doctor Free Telemedicine portal for medical professionals and users seeking medical advice.09/21/09
Boston Medical Center CyberKnife Boston Medical Center`s CyberKnife program offers state of the art, image-guided robotic radiosurgery with frameless technology03/10/09
Brain Tumor Center at the University of Maryland Brain tumor resources - ask a brain tumor doctor questions!03/04/09 is a site designed to deal with issues involving the brain.02/14/09
Now is the Only Time An internet blog dedicated to describing the journey of a 58-year old husband and father through his diagnosis of Glioblastoma Multiforme in December 2008. The blog is maintained by his youngest son.01/29/09
BT Buddies A website for high grade brain tumour patients, their families, friends and caregivers living in the UK.01/28/09
Gamma Knife Surgery amma Knife is non-invasive surgery for brain tumors, inoperable brain lesions, malignant tumors, tuberous sclerosis, metastatic brain cancer, trigeminal neuralgia and rarer cancerous brain tumors.10/21/08
Kirra`s Astrocytoma Brain Tumor Story 18 month old Kirra`s (brain tumour survivors story) after being diagnosed with a benign Astrocytoma Brain Tumour in her Cerebellum. 22nd September 199810/11/08
UCLA Neurooncology center : A leading comprehensive brain tumor program, using molecular diagnostic & gene expression analysis to customize treatment plans. Offers patient support groups, cutting edge clinical trials and Infinity Online software to help predict clinical outcomes based on 10 years of retrospective treatment plans.09/08/08
ClinicalConnection, Inc. Clinincal Trials08/25/08
TissuPath: Brain tumour pathology Specialized tests useful for brain tumours06/23/08
It`s Just Benign website connecting benign brain tumor survivors05/30/08
Living With Brain Mets Metastatic Brain Tumor Information and Resources05/13/08
Mimi`s Story: Her Journey with GBM A memorial diary which chronicles my mother, Charlotte`s, journey with Glioblastoma Multiforme: onset of symptoms, diagnosis, medical options, hospice care, her passing and afterwards. One woman`s story through the eyes of her daughter.03/13/08
Nevzdavame se! - We don`t give up Sdruzeni pro boj s nadory mozku - Community to fight brain tumors (in Czech language)03/03/08
Akron Children`s Hospital Brain Tumor Surgery Center Akron Children`s Hospital uses the most advanced, image-guided neurosurgery technology available for removal of brain tumors in children and teens.02/26/08
The Matthew Larson Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (also known as The IronMatt Foundation Mission - To raise the awareness and funds needed to overcome pediatric brain tumors and to help the children and families affected by it. 02/19/08
Fighting Chance Counseling, reference and resource center for patients and caregivers of all cancers across all stages of illness01/17/08
Neuro-Endocrine Tumor Center Specializing in Minimally Invasive Pituitary and Brain Tumor Surgery12/25/07
Ian`s Tumour Blog of GBM patient diagnosed August 200710/21/07
Quick Guide to Brain Cancer, what is it and how is it treated This quick guide to Brain Tumors explains treatment options like radiosurgery while remaining short and simple enough for anyone to understand. Written by doctors.10/18/07
Brain Tumor Foundation for Children This organization provides educational, informational, emotional & financial assistance in seven southeastern states. 10/01/07
Brain Tumour Research News, jobs, recent literature, and lab registry09/01/07
Jordyn Dukelow Memorial Guild Attached is the link to the Time Magazine article about Dr. Olson`s research on Tumor Paint. It looks like it will be going to stage II human trials soon. 08/27/07
A Fish Named Ed This is a children`s grief book on how a fish named Ed awakens into soul through the loss of his mom.06/29/07
Anatomy Charts & Anatomy Models Anatomy Warehouse supplies anatomical models, anatomy charts, medical books, fitness books and educational products for classrooms and healthcare professionals. 05/22/07
American Brain Tumor Association Primer of Brain Tumors This is an updated link to our Primer - the one currently listed is no longer valid.05/01/07 - Sandor Czirjak Md, P.hD., D.Sc. Neurosureron homepage Hungarian and english language website: brain tumors, pituitary, epilepsy, surgery04/30/07 - Hungarian Pituitary Adenomas Portal Pituitary tumors, pituitary disorders. Hungarian website with patinets and professionals informations.04/30/07
Celldex Therapeutics Developer of a vaccine therapy for brain tumors04/20/07
Curbside.MD A medical search engine devoted to neurology. You can enter naturally phrased clinical questions - not just keywords.04/13/07
Brain Tumor Canada Online support group for brain tumor patients and caregivers living in Canada02/24/07
BT Canada This group supports brain tumor patients and caregivers and live in Canada02/24/07
Christian Online Memorial Tributes Create online memorial web sites with full multi-media, free online obituaries, resources for dealing with grief and condolence guest books.01/31/07
BRAIN CANCER - Radiation Medical Group, San Diego CA Radiation Medical Group (RMG) in San Diego, CA offers state-of-the-art treatment options for Brain Cancers.01/15/07
CyberKnife - Astrocytoma - San Diego Cyberknife Center San Diego CyberKnife is an outpatient Center dedicated to providing image-guided radiosurgery using the CyberKnife® System.01/15/07
Flotte`s Outline of Neurosurgery Outline of Neurosurgery for students and residents (University of Mississippi)01/13/07
Christian Online Memorial Web Sites Create online memorial web sites with full multi-media, photo albums, family tree, guest book, visitor flowers and candles and more.01/02/07
The Annie Appleseed Project Complementary, Alternative (CAM) from the cancer patient perspective12/05/06
Seeking Peace: Brain Tumor Hospice Care Describes a list of end-stage "signs" to watch for to prepare for death from a brain tumor11/30/06
NovoCure - a new device for treatingGBMs The NovoTTF-100A is a portable, investigational device for cancer treatment using TTFields – Tumor Treating Fields 11/23/06
Specialty License Plate for Brain Tumor Awareness 10/13/06
NY State Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Program Offers assitance to NY patients with brain injuries09/22/06
Brain tumor family - memorials Memorials for those who passed away from brain tumors09/13/06
glial tumors use of DNA MICROARRAYS09/03/06
Childhood Brain Tumor Memoir This website is dedicated to Sean Crooks who died in 2000 from a brain stem glioma. It promotes the award winning book Can I Take My Panda Daddy? and provides links to the organisations and websites the author and his family found invaluable.08/28/06
Court and Shalane`s battle with brain cancer Step-by-step journey of 2 young adults fighting this devistateing illness. 08/14/06
Ependymoma Group Ependymoma Group Website08/08/06
Social Security Home Social Security Disability - Information on how to apply, appeal, and win SSI and SSDI benefits. Free disability case evaluation and FAQ.07/27/06
Barklay and Eve Activity and Coloring Book Series: Learning to cope with loss Barklay and Eve Activity and Coloring Book Series: Learning to cope with loss 07/18/06
Mayo Clinic Brain Tumor Center Brain tumor center at the Mayo Clinic in MN, FL and AZ06/27/06
Cyberknife Center of Philadelphia Robotic Stereotactic Radiosurgery Using the Cyberknife06/25/06
Bill Beaton`s Tumor-Be-Gone Blog My Dad is GBM patient fighting to beat the odds.06/09/06
Ann Simon`s fight against glioblastoma A personal journey, including information about trials05/15/06
Brain Tumor Treatment and Diagnosis Options at Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment options for glimoas, metastic brain tumors, pituitary tumors and meningiomas.03/20/06
3rd Annual Lauren`s First and Goal Football Camp - Sunday, June 4, 2006, Lafayette College, Easton, PA A one day, non-contact, instructional clinic to raise funds for pediatric brain tumor research. Last year over 800 players and 100 volunteer college coaches helped to raise over 74,000 for LFG. A pediatric cancer survivors Fun Day is also held during the football clinic- crafts, activities, lunch and entertainment for patients, family and friends. 03/19/06
Search For The Cure Raise money by using google!03/12/06
List of Notable Brain Tumor Patients A featured list at Wikipedia. Identifies dozens of celebrities and other noteworthy people and provides links to reliable sources for further reading.03/02/06
Brain Tumour Australia Inc. An Australian National not-for-profit organisation providing resources, education & support 02/09/06
Brainstem glioma Thoughts and Prayers for Ariana02/08/06
ULCA Neurosurgery Brain Tumor Program ULCA Neurosurgery Brain Tumor Program01/12/06 is a comprehensive source for medical exhibits and demonstrative evidence. Our mission is to help medical exhibit buyers connect with the nation`s top medical exhibit providers.01/12/06
Neurochat Website for people like myself who are brain tumour sufferers12/25/05
Bran Research Trust Information on Research to Brain Tumours12/20/05
AboutKidsHealth Brain Tumour Resource Centre is a comprehensive, interactive, accessible resource for families of children with a brain tumour. 12/19/05
Michael G. Curry II Foundation For Cancer Research 12/14/05
Group health insurance Compare Group health insurance plans. Get free tips and advice from Healthia12/12/05
Diseases & Conditions Resource Directory for all consumer health diseases and conditions information - nutrition, cancer, diabetes, mental health, allergies, depression, anxiety and more.12/09/05
Jane Symons Follow Jane`s Progress with her fight against a GBM11/18/05
Brain TUmor Survivor Brain Tumour Survivor is a positive site of hope for those living with a brain tumour. A site dedicated to discussing survivorship, treatment options available now and those options on the horizon that show promise. 11/17/05
A Day of Sunshine A Day Of Sunshine was created to help people who have or had a Brain Tumor, Cancer, Radiation and or Chemotherapy.11/15/05
Seeking Peace: Brain Tumor Hospice Care Helps families decide whether it`s time for hospice, describes end-stage symptoms and tips in dealing with them, and provides a time line that may help with prognosis10/29/05
Clinical Trials and Research Studies Clinical research studies for gastrointestinal illnesses including GERD, IBD, and more. Contact Long Island Clinical Research Associates to participate in a trial and receive free treatment and test new medicines. 09/20/05
Marty`s Joke of the Day Stories about Marty, his family, and his 4 sons. The youngest has brain cancer.09/14/05 Visit the to learn about Alberta`s Health Authorities and the many job opportunities available in all areas of the Health sector.08/30/05
Dual Diagnosis Dual diagnosis is defined by the presence of both mental 08/28/05
Paige Setzer - Ependymoma Survivor Paige Setzer was diagnosed at 13 months and is a survivor of an ependymoma brain tumor.08/24/05
Canadian Internet Pharmacy 08/23/05
Stan`s GBM Blog Daily updates, pictures, & treatment reports, following his 4/05 GBM diagnosis08/23/05
Cancer Resources The Cancer Resource Blog features over 30,000 cancer-related resources including cancer news, articles, information and more.08/10/05 Information Portal on Brain and Spinal Ependymoma Tumors Information Portal on Brain and Spinal Ependymoma Tumors08/09/05 - Online Support Forum for Brain and Spinal Ependymomas Online Support Forum for Brain and Spinal Ependymomas08/09/05
National Brain Tumor Society Supports research & offers free patient & family support services08/08/05
Can I take my Panda Daddy Book written by the father of a four year old boy with a brain tumor about their family struggle08/06/05
Erin`s Brain Tumour Journey about 23 year old Erin`s journey with oligodendroglioma grade 1108/01/05
Grahams Brain Tumor Journal 08/01/05
Dave Meyer: The Fight Is ON! Dave and family`s personal journey as they battle a malignant brain tumor.07/31/05
Drew-B-Bear 4 year old with Glioblastoma Multiforme07/31/05
Lori`s Journey The story of newlywed just diagnosed with GBM07/06/05
PedJobs The official employment resource for the American Academy of Pediatrics06/17/05
Medulloblastoma Patient and Caregiver resources Support resources for anyone affected by medulloblastoma06/16/05
Holz Health Center, Inc. – the Next Generation of Healing Through Dr. Holz’ gift of healing and psychoneuroimmunology, we can help heal any illness when you (or your pet) are consciously and subconsciously ready to heal. Dr. Holz has had much success with cancer, including brain and breast cancer.06/12/05
Going Home - help for the terminally ill. An audio CD-Cassette for the terminally ill and their 06/10/05
The International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) An alliance of support, advocacy and information groups for brain tumo(u)r patients and carers in different countries which also includes researchers, scientists, clinicians and allied health professionals who work in the area of brain tumours.06/10/05
General Information about all types of cancer General Information about all types of cancer in two languages (Eng, Tur)05/31/05
The Annie Appleseed Project Complementary, alternative cancer therapies from the patient perspective05/25/05
Cancer Help Infosite Editable Web Site with cancer resources accross the globe05/12/05
Brainhelp Addressing the Challenges Faced as a Result of Brain Haemorrhage or Brain Injury04/26/05
OSCAR (UK) - you already have this listed but it is not connecting when selected. 04/23/05
Our Angel Maureen Glioblastoma Multiforme04/21/05
Easy to Swallow A website providing Recipes for People with Chewing and Swallowing Problems, due to ill health, dental work or advancing age.04/10/05
Remembering Rachel A memorial site for our daughter who lost her life to a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumour04/03/05
ShuntCheck Only FDA-cleared non-invasive method to detect CSF flow in VP/VA shunts04/01/05
Skull Base Institute Minimally invasive surgery for brain tumors03/11/05
The Fruit of Hope Stories of long-time brain tumor survivors, translated to Greek03/08/05
Relate, a place for Families dealing with Brain Tumors! This is a warm & friendly place where you will find help & support on Brain Tumors! Get in contact with other families, info & lots more. Talk to people who know what your going through!02/03/05
Sit Stand MRI Child & Large People 500 lbs Friendly Positinal of Pain MRI scans case studies02/01/05
Microscopes web directory Information on microscopes01/16/05
Electric Scooters Electric scooters-Mobility scooters-Power scooters-Pride scooters-Handicap scooters-Scooter lifts-Medical scooters and scooter accessories. Wholesale prices with free nationwide delivery12/08/04
Phase III Clinical Trial for Glioblastoma Multiforme The Transferrin-CRM107 (Tf-CRM107) Clinical trial is a Phase III clinical study for glioblastoma multiforme. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a non-operable, recurrent or progressive GBM tumor, information is now available regarding enrollment in Xenova`s international, multi-center clinical trial for Tf-CRM107 therapy.11/16/04
Data Recovery Hard disk data recovery service for all types of computer data storage media. Professional recovery services for hard drives RAID servers11/14/04
The Brain Tumor Foundation Providing support and resources for brain tumor patients and their loved ones11/10/04
Chordoma Support Group 09/26/04
Camp Sunshine A National retreat for children with life threatening illnesses & their families09/22/04
Acoustic Neuroma Association of New Jersey Non Profit support for patients with acoustic neuroma09/05/04
Adult Ependymoma of The Brain - A Patient`s Story data-packed (verified true) written in plain english by a patient09/04/04
University of Mississippi Brain Tumor Program 08/14/04
Mount Sinai (Florida) Community Clinical Oncology Program Brain cancer treatments in Florida - access to clinical trials08/12/04
Hospice Spiritual Resources This site is filled with information on how dying people teach us to live in soul. The insights are helpful for caregivers learning to identify and care for dying patients on the level of soul.07/26/04
Clinical Trials Search Clinical Trials Search07/14/04
German Brain Tumor Association Brain Tumor Organisation07/13/04
CyberKnife Society To educate the general public with patient information on treating medical conditions such as cancers, lesions & tumors anywhere throughout the body using the CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery system07/06/04 - The Best Meta Search Engine is a smart meta search engine that is intended for providing users with information and useful links pursuant to their inquiries.06/08/04
Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley Group dedicated to providing resources, services and programs to children with cancer and their families.06/03/04
Health and Medicine Website Directory Directory of medial websites05/27/04
The Olivia Zonis Foundation Our organization assists families from an emotional and finanical standpoint when faced with this devastating disease.05/03/04
The Infography about Malignant Glioma Resources for brain tumors04/30/04
The Gus Foundation Provides funds for primary stage research of pediatric brain tumors. Provides support to children and their families coping with brian tumors.04/28/04
Bereavement Store Bereavement, Greif, Merrorial Framed Products04/27/04
Kenny Can Foundation Organization for Glioblastoma Research and Support for Patients and Families04/27/04
Patient Assistance Program This site was designed to help you find patient assistance programs and free or discounted drugs for which you may qualify.04/09/04
Brain Cancer - Gliosarcoma - 41-year-old female - her story Brain Cancer - gliosarcoma - 41-year-old female - her story03/29/04
Brain Cancer Awareness Jewelry by Skyfire Designs Skyfire Designs is dedicated to designing brain cancer awareness pieces that will raise money for the cause and spread awareness and concern for this disease. A portion of all proceeds from brain cancer awareness jewelry sales go to the Brain Tumor Center at Duke.03/28/04
The Cancer Nutrition Center Expert nutrition advice for cancer patients and their families03/26/04
Miracles in the Making Foundation "Miracles in the Making" operates solely on philanthropic efforts of generous individuals like yourself. Through our fundraising efforts we hope to offer assistance and support to the patients and their families.03/22/04
Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR) Medical Research Advocates03/05/04
Vitamin Herbal and Nutritional Supplements from Nutristart High quality Dietary and Vitamin Supplements, Herbal Medicine, Minerals, Herbs and02/06/04
STAND Together In The Fight Pediatric Brain Tumor Support Organization 02/03/04
Cyber Museum Of Neurosurgery History of neurosurgery and brain tumor surgery!01/29/04
Legacy - where life stories live on Memorials12/29/03
Physician Neuro-Oncology12/17/03
grade 4 brain cancer stories 12/15/03
WNC Brain Tumor Support Adult brain tumor support group serving Western North Carolina.12/08/03
South Nassau Communities Hospital Gamma Knife Center Gamma Knife Center11/11/03
A simple explanation of gliomas by Dr Kelly NYU If you took high school sophomore biology ... you can understand brain tumors.10/20/03
Brain Science Foundation The Foundation is dedicated to supporting research, advances in clinical treatments, and improved patient care for those with meningiomas and other primary brain tumors. The BSF site has downloadable brochures about meningioma designed for patients and families as well as white papers describing medical issues related to meningioma.10/07/03 Scott Hamilton Cancer Survivors site provided by the Cleveland Clinic that has a wealth of information for patients on Chemotherapy07/26/03
The James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc. Australian Site. The Foundation is committed to providing assistance for families of patients with brain tumours, and also to the advancement of the treatment and research of these conditions.07/26/03
Accuray - CyberKnife® "Accuray manufactures and sells the CyberKnife, a non-invasive frameless radiosurgical device that enables radiosurgery anywhere in the body using image-guided robotics.07/16/03
CyberKnife Patient Support Group (CPSG) "Accuray manufactures and sells the CyberKnife, a non-invasive frameless radiosurgical device that enables radiosurgery anywhere in the body using image-guided robotics.07/16/03
CyberKnife Patient Support Group (CPSG) A non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to patients and families who have undergone CyberKnife radiosurgery or are considering CyberKnife radiosurgery. 07/16/03
CyberKnife Society - Stereotactic Radiosurgery System CyberKnife Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together diverse CyberKnife users and medical professionals affiliated with radiosurgery worldwide to foster scholarly exchange and share clinical information pertaining to CyberKnife Radiosurgical ablation and to educate patients about radiosurgery. 07/16/03
Rare Cancer Alliance - Pediatric Cancer Resources This is a complete resource center for pediatric cancer patients. 07/13/03
Rare Cancer Alliance - Pediatric Support This is a quick resource center for patients with Pediatric Cancers07/13/03
1 Healthy World everything you must know about holistic and alternative medicine, including the tools and information you need to prevent and reverse disease and create and maintain vibrant health in body, mind and spirit.07/02/03
Brain Tumor Medical Database The resource is a collection of references to the technical medical literature on all aspects of brain tumors and includes references on promising alternative therapies and current experimental treatments.06/14/03
Adenomas de la Hipófisis (Spanish only) A Spanish language Web site with extensive information about pituitary cancer. It is a non-profit site run by Dr Jose Gonzalez Tortosa05/10/03
OHSU Pituitary Unit A comprehensive treatment center for the management of pituitary tumors and diseases of the pituitary gland04/28/03
Guía de recursos sobre el cáncer infantil A personal Web site about neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. It includes information for parents and the public. The Web site is in Spanish and also has English and French language support. (Spanish: Página personal sobre cáncer infantil y neuroblastoma. Incluye información para padres y para el público en general.)04/24/03
A-Z International Cancer Directory A-Z International Cancer Directory04/13/03
Medifocus Guidebook on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Comprehensive overview of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, including treatment options and medical journal abstracts.04/10/03
Dana Farber Cancer Institute Major brain tumor center04/02/03
Brain-Finance Financial Impact Disscussion Group03/16/03
Sarah Dudley Her Journey Through Art & Poetry03/16/03
Drug Information One of the best sources of information on drugs03/13/03
THE Brain Trust meningioma internet support group Meningioma support03/08/03
Sontag Foundation Offers grants to brain tumor researchers!03/06/03
Wigs for Kids wigs for kids, donations03/04/03
Meningioma Mommas An online support group for women with meningioma brain tumors. 02/27/03
tribute heart disease02/07/03
Chris Henning Journal of Chris Henning, diagnosed with GBM July 200202/02/03
Jacob Bonnett - Silent Soldier My tribute to my son who was diagnosed with a brain tumor01/26/03
My Cancer News Cancer treatment search engine finds news of newest financial help for cancer patients and families.01/25/03
Roberts Review of New Cancer Treatments Cancer Portal: Easily locate newest treatments,drugs, cures, breakthroughs (sorted by cancer type) from 2500+ medical journals, treatment centers, FDA trials, Nt`l Cancer Inst., etc 01/25/03
University of Maryland Brain Tumor Center Specializes in treatment and care for patients with all types of neurologic malignancies12/03/02
University of Maryland Gamma Knife Center Offers an alternative for many patients for whom traditional brain surgery is not an option12/03/02
University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center A premier cancer research and treatment center devoted to providing cutting-edge therapies and individualized care for cancer patients12/03/02
MIDCO Corporation Maker of Computer Assisted Stereotactic Surgery (CASS) Imaging and Planning Systems11/11/02
The Healing Exchange BRAIN TRUST online support group -- The Meningioma List11/03/02
Michael T. Glass Glioblastoma Research Foundation a non-profit organization created to fund research and find innovative ways to battle Glioblastoma Multiforme, while also helping patients and their families that are affected by the disease.11/01/02
Childhood Brain Tumor student research project at Northern Illinois University10/30/02
Michael T. Glass Glioblastoma Research Foundation a non-profit organization created to fund research and find innovative ways to battle Glioblastoma Multiforme, while also helping patients and their families that are affected by the disease.10/28/02
The American Cancer Society Cellular Phones and Risk of Brain Tumors This column is provided to help practitioners discuss potential environmental and workplace carcinogens, offering reassurance when patients` fears are unfounded and focusing legitimate concern when they are warran10/24/02
Silvanlord (David Ellis) has a brain tumor. David Ellis, diagnosed with a pineal germinoma at 17, writes about his brain tumor.10/23/02
Inspiration Truelly inspirational account of a Warrior and lover of life10/21/02
Kyla`s Page 24 year old fighting brain cancer family web site10/17/02
Neurological Associates - Florida Brain Tumors Brain tumor - gamma knife09/18/02
Flash-Med Medical Information A physician designed site for review of medical information in a flash-card format.08/16/02
young adults surviving glioblastoma a positive resource. stories forums links support08/06/02
GBM Distance Healing Project A study to determine if prayer can influence the outcome of a GBM07/22/02
The Connecticut Hospice The Connecticut Hospice inaugurated hospice care in America in 1974. Since then, it has been the beacon and teacher of the growing hospice movement throughout the nation, and beyond. Connecticut Hospice addresses physical,spiritual, social, and emotional needs of patients with advanced irreversible illness, and their families. Such care is provided regardless of diagnosis and as long as the Hospice level of care is needed by the patients.07/01/02
SDRT Astro Fund support to Low Grade Glioma patients and cares as well as raise money for research05/20/02
Dr. Nicholas Avgeropoulos Has many useful links and resources for patients and families05/18/02
Clinical Trials . Com Clinical Trials listings and information05/17/02
Angel Flight America Free / discounted air fare for brain tumor patients05/06/02
MedFriendly Free medical dictionary with easy to understand entries.05/01/02
O.S.C.A.R (UK) OSCAR provides an ongoing support to the child and family from the moment they walk in to the hospital through to hopefully many years on. Initial support is in the form of providing knowledge, information and support at a most traumatic time and then ongoing support through the out patients treatments and long term guidance and assistance with the many consequences of that initial treatment. 04/23/02
Journal Of Neurosurgery Technical - but interesting medical journal04/02/02
Neuro-oncology journal Medical journal - technical04/01/02
Neurosurgery Online For doctors, but a lotof useful information patients can appreciate04/01/02
Pub Med Search for articles on brain tumors. Free. Like medline.04/01/02
Colorado Neurological Institute`s Center for Brain & Spinal Tumors CNI`s Brain Tumor Center has a comprehensive team approach03/18/02
Scott Vickroy`s survivor story Aggressive treatment over 9 months included high-dose chemo and a stem cell rescue03/18/02
Desmoplastic Infantile Ganglioglioma Information about this very rare Paediatric Brain Tumour02/23/02
Neuro-Oncology Program @ Moffitt Cancer Center Neuro-Oncology Program located in Tampa, Florida. Moffitt is a NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our program is part of the national CNS consortium, NABTT.02/21/02
The Andy Fund The Andy Fund was created by family and friends to honor the memory of Andrea "Andy" Clark Nelson who died on April 3, 1997 after valiantly fighting a battle with a glioblastoma multiforme, grade IV brain tumor for over five long years. Known and loved by many in her Vermont community and beyond, Andy created and managed the Swift House Inn in Middlebury. Andy left specific instructions that she wanted no services at the time if her death, but it was a dream of Andy`s that one day a cure for glioblastoma would be found. As a living memorial to Andy, The Andy Fund was established to support the research being conducted at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Division of Neurosurgery, under the supervision of Dr. Paul Penar.02/08/02
YASG: Young Adults Surviving Glioblastoma We are here to inspire those young adults in their teens, twenties, and thirties, that do get diagnosed with this disease.01/25/02
Welcom to our Family Tumor Page glioblastoma multiforme and personal pages, coming soon a diary of the journey01/17/02
Craniopharyngioma online support group For craniopharyngioma patients and caregivers01/12/02
Johns Hopkins Brain Tumor Radiosurgery Explore the latest news, treatments and outcomes for gliomas, acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, and pituitary tumors.01/12/02
Joe`s Journey A web journal of Joe Vitale`s journey after being diagnosed with a low grade astrocytoma01/11/02
Faith Emily Altbush This site is dedicated to the memory of our daughter who was taken from us by a diffuse pontine glioma. We have included a number of articles to help you understand what Faith endured, how much she meant to us and how we coped with her illness01/06/02
CancerKids information, chat, hundreds of stories of childhood cancer12/19/01
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine A peer-reviewed periodical indexed with MEDLINE and EMBASE with free full-text access to articles. 11/16/01
Locks of Love how people can donate hair for wigs for people losing hair to chemotherapy10/18/01
Neuro-Oncology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center Brain Tumor Centers09/19/01
Meningioma Talk A place to post questions and answers; problems and solutions; successes and failures; hopes and support about Meningioma brain tumors. 09/18/01
Yahoo Group: Meningioma Support and Information This is a place to share our stories, our hopes, our questions, and our frustrations about meningioma brain tumors. Please let us hear from you. 09/18/01
The Brad Kaminsky Foundation for Brain Tumor Research Brain Tumor Organizations09/12/01
Brainstem Gliomas from Neurology to Neuro Oncology A very well written page outlining brainstem gliomas, their symptoms and their treatment09/03/01
Sarcoma Alliance
The Doe Report The Doe Report is the Internet`s largest library of medical demonstrative evidence for attorneys, containing thousands of exhibits, illustrations, anatomical models, and medical research.08/13/01
Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups Nonprofit providing cancer clinical trial information and trial navigation and matching service.07/09/01
Kieran`s Web page Personal Web Page of 5 Year Old Boy.Had Brain Tumour Surgery 1999. 06/17/01
Megan`s Story Our baby girl was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 5 weeks of age. This is her story so far......05/27/01
Interpretation of Lab Tests A great resource for learning about blood tests and how to interpret results05/08/01
The Healing Exchange BRAIN TRUST Internet-based support groups for people who have brain tumors and other neurological abnormalities.04/24/01
Mount Sinai Medical Center Brain Tumor Program Mount Sinai Medical Center Brain Tumor Program04/19/01
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery and Immunotherapy for Brain Tumors All types of brain tumors and their treatments described04/09/01
NEW CANCER TREATMENTS, cures, research breakthroughs reported daily! Latest cancer news (by type) from 2500+ medical and research journals, FDA, and other sources04/09/01
In Loving Memory An organization for bereaved parents with no surviving children.04/08/01
Friendship corner (forum Brain Buddies) My board(pattyM12 is your host Forum for all people wth brain related surgerys and problem giving each other support could be you,your love ones,your friends,caretaker,come and join wonder people here03/08/01
Glivec Discussion Group A discussion group for persons interested in the new cancer treatment drug, Glivec.03/07/01
Craniopharyngioma Self-Help-Group German Self-Help-Group for Craniopharyngioma-Patients. With: MessageBoard & Chat, Contact: alternativ www-adress: ,, We like to get in contact to patients from all of the world03/05/01
Corbin Bear Ryther Child with brainstem tumor02/07/01
Marg`s Journey The web diary of a 54 year old woman diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumour01/14/01
Austin`s Miracle Fund Charity organization assisting children with brain cancer.01/12/01
Meningioma Support and Information A place for support and information on Meningiomas and their treatment01/01/01
Shared Experience Cancer SUpport Knowledgebase Shared Experience is a non-profit, searchable collection of first-hand accounts by cancer patients and the people who love and care for them. It has one narrow focus: to share personal experiences of cancer survivors and provide a nexus for the recently diagnosed and others to contact one another.12/05/00
Indexed Visuals Medical Images12/04/00
Canadian Brain Tumor Support List The Canadian Healthcare system is unique and Brain Tumor treatment options are different from US Centres which is why this group was created. to discuss those differences.11/25/00
Select Review in Neuro - Oncology 10/18/00
Tina`s Progress Martina`s Story10/14/00
International Radiosurgery Support Association 10/12/00
The David A. Nass, Jr. Memorial Foundation Empowerment of brain cancer patients through knowledge of the system; focuses on patient rights regarding experientmental treatment, including access to information and access to promising experimental treatment.10/04/00
New treatment strategies for Malignant Gliomas Abstract by Nicholas Avgeropoulos09/26/00
Heavenly Lights Children`s Memorial This site in an online childrens memorial dedicated to raising awarenss to childhood disease. Those that have lost a child may have a star added in their memory for free. Come out and click on the childs stars and read of their battles here on earth. 09/04/00
NeuroNetwork Resources for Brain Tumor Patients In The Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex Of Texas09/02/00
USA RIDE Make car reservations online!09/02/00
Coma Recovery Association A non-profit organization founded in 1980 by the family members of comatose patients. We offer mutual aid and support, support group meetings, general information, referrals and advocacy.08/19/00
Karmanos Cancer Institute Brain tumor research / treatment center08/18/00
Cancerpage and TrialMatch Find Clinical Trials that you are elibible for; Ask Our RN any question; join the Support Groups in chat rooms online every day, 07/19/00
American Brain Tumor Association ABTA is a non-profit,independent organization dedicated to providing research funding, education matierials and resource information and advocacy.07/18/00
Info for Patients Find Clinical Trials, Ask Our RN, Support Groups online every day, 06/27/00 A Website for the Treatment of Cancers Otherwise Unresponsive to Chemotherapy06/16/00
Hospice Patients Alliance: Consumer Advocates providing complete information on hospice services, levels of care, standards of care and regulations right on our site, free assistance in resolving difficulties, publish: Family Guide to Hospice Care (more than 300 pages)06/16/00
Kirra Astrocytoma Brain Tumour Story. The Story of 18 month old Kirra after being diagnosed with a Astrocytoma Brain Tumour in her Cerebellum. Info, links, scans and regular updates on Kirra`s progress. 06/14/00
Drug Assistance Programs - Free Drugs! Tells how you can get free or reduced price drugs if you can`t afford them05/25/00
Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation (SBFT) The site contains information on SBTF, its support group, and other activities05/15/00
Fairview University Childrens Hospital One of the most unique features of the Fairview Children’s Web site is a database-driven research resource containing the most updated medical information available from Fairview. This database includes data on:Childhood cancerTumorsDiabetesHeart co05/11/00
Management of Begnine and Agressive Intracranial Meningiomas A very detailed study of problems and new treatments for meningiomas05/10/00
UCLA Neuro-Oncology Program: A leading comprehensive brain tumor program, using molecular diagnostic & gene expression analysis to customize treatment plans. Offers patient support groups, cutting edge clinical trials and Infinity Online software to help predict clinical outcomes based on 10 years of retrospective treatment plans.04/12/00
Brain Stem Glioma-Everything You didn`t want to know but should. By Jim Kenzig 04/09/00
Fox Chase - Temple Neuro-oncology Program Brain tumor program in Philadelphia, PA.04/06/00
.M. Keck Foundation Center for Integrative Neuroscience (UCSF) Within the Keck Center, more than 80 scientists in 10 laboratories are discovering how we see and hear, how we move our limbs, why we feel pain, how we learn and remember, and how we speak and understand language.04/04/00
Brain Tumor Patient Resource Handbooks Excellent overview - Adult & Pediatric Versions. (Select "Publications" from the menu)!04/04/00
Second Chance A Novel by Daniel Ovist - A full length book, available free! 04/04/00
Slightly off topic - Skin diseases Listed here because people with brain tumors take many drugs that may cause skin problems04/04/00
St. Jude Children`s Research Hospital Pediatric Brain Tumor Program04/04/00
Staten Island University Hospital, New York Radiation-Oncology Dept. - Has easy to read papers on brain tumors (and other cancers) for patients. 04/04/00
That`s Unacceptable Surviving a Brain Tumor - My Personal Story - By Rebecca L. Libutti04/04/00
The BrainTumor Book List. This is a list of the most useful books dealing with brain tumor treatments, coping, humor, grief and caregiver concerns.04/04/00
The Talking Lady Presents: Having a Brain Tumor. This is a wonderful book to get if you have to explain brain tumors to a child. 04/04/00
UCLA Neuro-Surgery Program The Clinical Neuroscience Program at UCLA has consistently been ranked in the top 10 in the nation. 04/04/00
UCSF Cancer Center UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center brings together hundreds of researchers and clinicians dedicated to four fundamental pursuits: basic science research into the causes and events of cancer`s progression; clinical research to translate new knowledge into viable treatments; sensitive, state-of-the-art patient care; and programs in epidemiology, prevention, and cancer control. 04/04/00
Virtualtrials Chat Room Advanced Java Client This is twice the size (so it takes twice as long to load) as the simple java client. It has more options for you, but only try it if you have a fast connection, (or a lot of time:) 04/04/00
Virtualtrials Chat Room IRC Internet Relay Chat: This loads faster, but is a little harder to set up. This can be used from WEB TV, or older computers that don`t support JAVA. Use the server: and the room: braintumor 04/04/00
Virtualtrials Chat Room Simple Java Client It may take a minute or 2 to load the first time you use it, longer if you have a slow connection. 04/04/00
American Academy of Neurology Site of Neurology the Official Journal of the American Academy of Neurology abstracts and more04/03/00 The U.S. National Institutes of Health, through its National Library of Medicine, has developed to provide patients, family members and members of the public current information about clinical research studies. 04/03/00 Official Journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons04/03/00
ICSL Clinical Studies is one of the nation`s leading clinical research organizations. Working in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies, we are committed to researching new medications for a wide range of illnesses and conditions.04/03/00
Medicine OnLine Online Magazine for information on medicine04/03/00
Medline at the National Institute of Health Search for medical information and abstracts04/03/00
MedScape OnLine Drug and disease information04/03/00
MedWeb: Neurology Neurology links from Emory University04/03/00
Mid-Suffolk Neurosurgical Associates A Neurosurgery group on Long Island, NY04/03/00
National Institute of Health Home Page Offers health information, grants and funding opportunities for research.04/03/00
Neuropsychology Central Neuropsychology Frequently Asked Questions, Forum and Links04/03/00
NeuroSource The `Global Directory` of Neuroscience!04/03/00
NeuroWorld Portal of Neuromedicine!04/03/00
Oncolink Search University of Pennsylvania 04/03/00
Pituitary Tumor Education & Support Group For the purpose of gaining a better and broader understanding of their pituitary diagnosis04/03/00
Pituitary Tumor Network Association To support, pursue, encourage, promote and where possible, fund research on pituitary tumors and related pituitary disorders 04/03/00
Proxima Theraputics A new form of radiation therapy04/03/00
Radiation Therapy for Pediatric Brain Tumors -Slide presentation 04/03/00
Radionics Corp. XKnife - Excellent explanation of Stereotactic Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy as well as Image-Guided Surgery04/03/00
Shared Experience Cancer Support Searchable listing of first-hand accounts by cancer patients and their loved ones.04/03/00
The ÆGIS Clinical Trials Knowledgebase Information about clinical trials, including trials by category, location, disease or condition, and more.04/03/00
The Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. This site serves as an introduction to the Division of Neurology and as an educational forum for neurologists, residents, and practicing physicians around the country and abroad.04/03/00
The National Childrens Cancer Society 1-800-5-Family The N.C.C.S. provides direct financial assistance and emotional support to children with cancer and their families nationwide04/03/00
The Neurosurgery Email List The Neurosurgery Email list is a convenient way to communicate with members of the neurosurgical community from all over the world. 04/03/00
The NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre The NHMRC Clinical Trials Center of the University of Sydney is a leader in clinical trials research in Australia04/03/00
UCLA Brain Research Institute The Brain Research Institute (BRI) is an organized research unit (ORU) within the School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. 04/03/00
University of Miami Department of Neurosurgery University of Miami Department of Neurosurgery04/03/00
Aidan`s Web page A pediatric Medulloblastoma survivor04/02/00
All Experts Experts from many fields volunteer thier time to answer questons - free of charge - on broad range of topics, like brain tumors, computers, law, love. If you have a computer problem, this is the fastest place to get an answer! 04/02/00
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network Explores possible connection between brain tumors and Aspartame.04/02/00
Berlin University Dept. Of Neurosurgery. Has videos of brain surgery, explanations of the newest techniques.04/02/00
Boston Neurosurgical Foundation A multi-institutional neurosurgical team in Boston, Massachusetts serving Brigham and Women`s Hospital, Children`s Hospital, The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School04/02/00
Brain Tumor Center of the Neurological Institute at Columbia University dedicated to the treatment and clinical research of primary and metastic cancers of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve roots. 04/02/00
Cancer Care, Inc. a non-profit social service agency providing support to cancer patients and their families for over 50 years. Professional oncology social workers provide individual and group counseling in person, over the phone and through their web site (at no charge!)04/02/00
Cancerlinks Cancerlinks helps in searching for information about brain (and other) cancer with comprehensive listings of informative urls.04/02/00
Carrie`s page Glioblastoma Multiforme: The Gifts of an Illness04/02/00
Center For Glioma Outcomes Research The GO Project is a voluntary, physician-directed project to improve outcomes for patients with glioma. 04/02/00
CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Site Lists clinical trials for all types of cancers04/02/00
Clinical Medicine Resources Clinical Medicine Resources list - University of Iowa 04/02/00
Coalition Against Airport Pollution Anti-pollution04/02/00
Coping With Mild Brain Injury A book about coping04/02/00
Current Controlled Trials Current Controlled Trials is dedicated to promoting the exchange of information about controlled trials in all areas of health and social care. The website includes the metaRegister of Controlled Trials (mRCT)- a major database of ongoing and completed controlled trials - and a Controlled Trials Links Register. Access to the mRCT and Links Register is free.`04/02/00
Duggan`s Home Page of Support for Pituitary Tumor Patients04/02/00
Environmental Causes of Childhood Cancer and Remission Information Information on suspected causes of brain and neurological cancers, and the increase in cancers found in St. Lucie County, Florida 04/02/00
Familial Brain Tumor Registry Research project at MD Anderson which is aimed at identifying families who are at high risk for brain tumors and multiple cancer risk. 04/02/00
FDA USA Food And Drug Administration Obtain the latest information on approved drugs04/02/00
Gamma Knife Page (Elekta) Excellent explanation of how the Gamma Knife works04/02/00
Give Hope Jennifer Hart`s page 04/02/00
Healing Your Grief When you´ve lost someone close to you04/02/00
Healthgate Free Medline / Cancerlit searches. Full text of articles available for a fee.04/02/00
HealthWindows For Kids A site where kids (and adults) can learn about the body. Not brain tumor specific, but there are very good articles about the parts of the brain.04/02/00
Human Tumor Assay Journal Information on chemosensitivity testing of tumor (including brain tumor) samples!04/02/00
Immune Response Corp. This is the company working on the new Gene Therapy Vaccine For Glioblastomas! 04/02/00
Jazmin`s Home Page Jazzy Wren-My Battle with a Medulloblastoma Brain Tumor04/02/00
Kris Onken Actual intra-operative pictures of Kris` surgery for a DNET tumor! 04/02/00
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - University of Texas Cancer Center04/02/00
Mary Catherine Fish An excerpt from her memoirs: This Is Not happening 04/02/00
Massachusetts General Hospital Neurosurgery Massachusetts General Hospital Neurosurgery04/02/00
Medical Breakthroughs Subscribe to their free email newsletter! 04/02/00
Medicinal herbFAQ All you ever wanted to know - and ask on a newsgroup - more often than once a month - about medicinal herbs. 04/02/00
Monkey`s Treehouse Kyle`s home page04/02/00
Pituitary Tumor Mailing List The Pituitary List Serve is designed for patients and care givers who have, or have had Pituitary Tumors and Disorders. 04/02/00
The Brain Tumor Center at Duke Clinical Trials List of Clinical Trials at Duke University04/02/00
The Brain Tumor Center at Duke in Durham, North Carolina dedicated entirely to the treatment and cure of brain and/or spinal cord tumors in children and adults04/02/00
The Healing Spectrum Over 650 Alternative Medicine, Allopathic Medicine, & related sites are profiled!04/02/00
The Lancet The British Medical Journal04/02/00
University of Florida Shands Neurological Center EXCELLENT explanation of stereotactic radisourgery! A must!04/02/00
Young Adults Surviving Glioblastoma We are here to inspire those young adults in their teens, twenties, and thirties, that do get diagnosed with this disease.04/02/00
50 Helps for the Patient who can`t speak A communication aid for patients and caregivers by Teri Kenzig03/29/00
A Starting Point: Children`s Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors This Web site links to many other Web sites with information about treatment on pediatric neuro-oncology. 03/29/00
Addresses of Childrens Resource Organizations Resources for childrens cancer03/29/00
Analysis of a popular technique for estimating the location of the posterior fossa in children with Medulloblastoma Author: Joel W. Goldwein, M.D., David B. Solit03/29/00
Books on Pediatric Cancer from Amazon A listing of books on Pediatric Cancer at Amazon.com03/29/00
Brain Tumors can cause swallowing problems then pneumonia Article03/29/00
Brain Tumors in Children from the Brain Surgery Information Center Recommended reading03/29/00
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation (CCCF) CCCF is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, supporting, serving, and advocating for families of children of cancer, survivors of childhood cancer, and the health care professionals who care for them03/29/00
Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation 301-515-2900 Resources 03/29/00
Children`s Hospice International Children`s Hospice International provides a network of support for dying children and their families03/29/00
Embryonal Cell Carcinoma of the Pineal Gland Teaching file with scans03/29/00
Epidermoid Brain Tumor Organization Home of the "MOIDS"03/29/00
Gene Therapy for Childhood Brain Tumors Roger J. Packer, MD03/29/00
Hydrocephalus: HYCEPH-L email discussion group An information and support forum for hydrocephalus03/29/00
Intraventricular Meningioma--Radiology Case Study Case Study03/29/00
Katie`s Kids for the Cure Exists to find a cure for brain tumors in children. The mission is to fund innovative and creative brain tumor research, both clinical, and basic science. 03/29/00
Late Radiation Deafness in Children with Brain Stem Tumors Abstract03/29/00
Links from the Society of Pediatric Pathology Links page03/29/00
Make-A-Wish Grants wishes for terminally ill children. The worlds largest granter of wishes!03/29/00
Medulloblastoma/PNET Definition from St. Judes03/29/00
Meningioma Index Department of Neurosurgery Bowman Gray School of Medicine Wake Forest University03/29/00
Meningioma Radiation Informtation Radiology Museum03/29/00
Meningioma--Case Study Meningioma--MR Study Case Study03/29/00
Meningiomas & Benign Brain Tumor Information Links From Harvard University03/29/00
National Childhood Cancer Foundation/Children`s Cancer Group (NCCF/CCG) This Web site informs the public about facts on childhood cancer, stories of cancer survivors, clinical trial information of the Children`s Cancer Group, and locations of CCG institutions. 03/29/00
NCI Cancernet CancerLinks Cancernets choices for some of the best resources on the web for Cancer03/29/00
NCI Cancernet Physicians Data Query (PDQ) NCI database that contains the latest information about cancer treatment, screening, prevention, genetics, and supportive care, plus clinical trials.03/29/00
NCI PDQ on Adult Brain Tumor Patient Information03/29/00
NCI PDQ on Childhood Brain Stem Glioma For Patients03/29/00
NCI PDQ on Childhood Brain Tumors For Patients03/29/00
NCI/PDQ Physician Statement: Childhood supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal and pineal tumors NCI PDQ03/29/00
Neurofibromatosis II--Case Study Teaching file with scans03/29/00
Neurofibromatosis Resourses One stop shopping for Neurofibromatosis information on the Web!03/29/00
NIH Cancerlit Search for Brain Tumor Abstracts from brain tumor related articles from last 6 month - scroll down to the 03/29/00
Oligodendroglioma--Case Study Teaching file with scans03/29/00
Optic Nerve Glioma Teaching file03/29/00
Orphans of the storm: Persons with rare brain tumors speak out Article03/29/00
Outlook: Life Beyond Childhood Cancer This is an interactive information and support system for long-term survivors of childhood cancer and their families. 03/29/00
Pediatric Brain Tumors General Information from Oncolink03/29/00
Pediatric Oncology Group (POG) POG is a National Cancer Institute sponsored cooperative group of individuals and institutions dedicated to controlling cancer among children and adolescents03/29/00
Peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor PDQ Information for Health Care Professionals03/29/00
Picture Helps for Children who can`t read or speak A communication aid for patients and caregivers by Jim Kenzig. . Hint: Change your printer orientation setting to Landscape mode for this to print out correctly03/29/00
Pineoblastoma in Children OncoLink: References 03/29/00
Pineocytoma--Neuropathology Case Study Case Study with scans03/29/00
Resection of a lateral sphenoid wing meningioma Abstract Alon Mogilner, MD, PhD03/29/00
Search Medline on Medulloblastoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/29/00
Search Medline on Meningioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/29/00
Search Medline on Neurofibromatosis Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/29/00
Search Medline on Oligodendrolioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/29/00
Search Medline on Optic Nerve Glioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/29/00
Search Medline on Pineal Brain Tumor Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/29/00
Search Medline on Pineoblastoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/29/00
Search Medline on PNET Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/29/00
Stereotactic Resection of a right medial parietal Glioma Case Study03/29/00
Stereotactic Resection of an Optic/Hypothalamic Glioma Case Study with scans03/29/00
Stereotactic Resection of Oligodendroglioma from Supplementary Motor Area Case Study03/29/00
The Children`s Brain Tumor Foundation (212) 448-9494 Resources03/29/00
The Children`s Tumor Foundation: Ending Neurofibromatosis Through Research 03/29/00
The Childrens Miracle Network Children`s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids by raising funds and awareness for 170 affiliated children`s hospitals. 03/29/00
The Meningioma Radiosurgery Page at Johns Hopkins Meningiomas are particularly well suited for radiosurgery. 03/29/00
The Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research & Information 516-295-4740 The organization that maintains! 03/29/00
The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities Provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families, educators, and other professionals. Our special focus is children and youth (birth to age 22)03/29/00
The Never Ending Squirrel Tale A site for parents of children with cancer03/29/00
The NF clinic at MGH Resources and Links03/29/00
The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States (PBTFUS) Seeks to find the cause and cure of brain tumors in children by supporting medical research, increasing public awareness of the disease and aiding in early detection and treatment of childhood brain tumors. 03/29/00
Treatment of oligodendrogliomas with or without postoperative irradiation Abstract03/29/00
University of Pittsburgh Center For Image-Guided Surgery Largest Gamma Knife Experience in North America03/29/00
Update in radiosurgery for treatment of Meningioma Article03/29/00
Virtual Hospital Information on Optic Glioma Teaching file with scans03/29/00
What is Neurofibromatosis? Informational document03/29/00
A definitive information page for Essiac-Find more information about essiac than you care to know The purpose of this site is to provide information and education about all aspects of essiac,03/28/00
About Acoustic Neuromas from the Brain Surgery Information Site 03/28/00
Acoustic Neuroma Index Wake Forest University School of Medicine03/28/00
Alternative Health News Online helpful alternative, complementary and preventive health-news pages03/28/00
Anaplastic ependymoma --Neuropathology Case Study Teaching file with scans03/28/00
AOL Chatroom Braintumor Chat . Meets nightly @ 10:00pm eastern03/28/00
AOL Chatroom Braintumor Support BT support Meets nightly @ 10:00pm et. 03/28/00
AOL Chatroom Cancer Support Cancer Support Meets everyday03/28/00
AOL Chatroom Pal96 for Children Children dealing with brain tumors, directly or through a family member or friend, meets Saturday 11:00am and Monday 4:30pm eastern.03/28/00
Astrocytoma Types and Therapy from NYU Patrick J. Kelly, M.D., FACDS03/28/00
Bereavement Support Listserv for survivors of brain tumor patients 03/28/00
Brain-Tumor-News Distribution List Distributes news articles off the web on Brain Tumors directly to your email box03/28/00
Brainstem Tumor Mailing List- For Patients, Caregivers, Doctors and Researchers. Moderated by Jim Kenzig03/28/00
British Columbia Cancer Agency . - Lots of good info; special segment on Alternative treatments03/28/00
Burzynski Research Institute - The positive spin and trials data Trials of antineoplastons in the treatment of cancer03/28/00
Childhood Brain Tumor (PDQ®) Treatment - Health Professionals Cancernet Information for Health Professionals on Childhood Brain Tumors03/28/00
Childhood Brain Tumor (PDQ®) Treatment - Patients Cancernet Information for patients on Childhood Brain Tumors03/28/00
Choices in Brain Tumor Treatment Jim Kenzig`s views on Brain Tumor Treatment and stance on alternative medicine03/28/00
Choroid Plexus Cysts in the Fetus Case Study03/28/00
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Resources for Cancer Research on the World Wide Web (WWW) Informational document03/28/00
Craniopharyngioma--Slides Actual pictures of sections of tumor03/28/00
Customized search to search Medline on HYPERICIN and Brain Tumors Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts on the active ingredient in St. Johns Wort03/28/00
Definition of Ependymoma Brief definition from St. Judes Hospital03/28/00
Ependymoma--Radiology Case Study Teaching file with scans03/28/00
Ethans House The online home to bereaved parents and their families03/28/00
Excellent online brochures from Compassionate Friends A very good resource of information on grief when a child dies.03/28/00
Ganglioglioma--Case Study 03/28/00
Ganglioglioneurocytoma A case study at NYU03/28/00
Gerson Therapy The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic treatment of degenerative disease03/28/00
Glioblastoma Multiforme--Case Study 03/28/00
Griefnet GriefNet is an Internet community consisting of more than 35 email support groups and two web sites. 03/28/00
Hospice Hands Website Hospice of North Central Florida has a primer on Hospice, Chat and more information03/28/00
Hydrazine Sulphate Informational site03/28/00
Index of Articles on Insights To Healthy Living Interesting links to "Natural Healing on the web"03/28/00
Jim Kenzig`s Astrocytoma Links Links for Astrocytoma03/28/00
Jim Kenzig`s Brain Stem Glioma Links Page and Brain Tumor Information Links Best list of Links for Brain Stem Glioma Available on the Net03/28/00
Links from Cancerweb on Lymphoma 03/28/00
Links from Crisis, Grief, and Healing to Other Resources Good list of links and resources on Grief03/28/00
Lymphoma information from CancerAnswers.com03/28/00
Lymphoma Research Foundation of America 03/28/00
Management of Acoustic Neuromas Introduction to Acoustic Neuroma Mananagement03/28/00
Management of Recurrent Pituitary Adenomas by Nicholas T. Zervas, M.D.03/28/00
Medulloblastoma Symptoms and Stats 03/28/00
Medulloblastoma--Neuropathology Case Study Teaching file with scans03/28/00
Medulloblastoma--Radiology Case Study Teaching file with scans03/28/00
Medulloblastoma/PNET Definition from St. Judes03/28/00
Memorial Page for Brain Tumor patients Virtual Memorial page to those who have died from a brain tumor03/28/00
More on Hydrazine Sulphate Informational site03/28/00
Myxopapillary Ependymoma of the Cauda Equina Case Study03/28/00
Nature Medicine Online Magazine03/28/00
NCI PDQ Childhood Medulloblastoma-Physician 03/28/00
NCi PDQ Childhood Medulloblastoma-Patient 03/28/00
Neuroepithelial Tumors of the CNS WHO Classification Info03/28/00
Neurology and Neurosurgery Forum at The Cleveland Clinic Have your questions answered by Cleveland Clinic Physicians03/28/00
Nutrition, Aids and Coping Following Brain Tumors: Making the Best of What is Left Btlinks exclusive article by Brain Tumor Patient Jim Hollens03/28/00
Pituitary Adenoma Index Wake Forest University School of Medicine03/28/00
Pituitary Tumor Symptoms The following symptoms may be related to pituitary tumors 03/28/00
Primary CNS Lymphoma--Radiology Case Study Case Study03/28/00
Search Medline for Acoustic Neuroma Customized search03/28/00
Search Medline for Astrocytoma Custom Search for Abstracts03/28/00
Search Medline for Brain Stem Glioma Custom Search for Abstracts03/28/00
Search Medline for Chordoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/28/00
Search Medline for Craniopharyngioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/28/00
Search Medline for Ependymoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/28/00
Search Medline for Ganglioglioma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/28/00
Search Medline for Glioblastoma Multiforme Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/28/00
Search Medline for Lymphoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/28/00
Search Medline for Pituitary Adenoma Custom Search for abstracts03/28/00
Search Medline on DNT Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/28/00
Search medline on Ganglioglioneurocytoma Custom Search of Medline for Abstracts03/28/00
State of the Art in the Treatment of Medulloblastoma/Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors with Radiation Therapy by Joel W. Goldwein, M.D03/28/00
Subependymoma of the Temporal Horn--Case Study Richard Kim, MD, MS Chief Resident, NYU Dept. of Neurosurgery 03/28/00
Surgery in Supratentorial Low Grade Gliomas Patrick J. Kelly, M.D.,FACS03/28/00
Teaching File case study on DNT Case Study03/28/00
Teaching File case study on DNT from UHRAD With Scans03/28/00
The Acoustic Neuroma Association provides information and support to patients who have been diagnosed with or experienced an acoustic neuroma or other benign problem affecting the cranial nerves03/28/00
The Acoustic Neuroma Radiosurgery Page at Johns Hopkins 03/28/00
The Compassionate Friends Grief support after the death of a child.03/28/00
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 03/28/00
The Official Leksell Gamma Knife Page Lecksell03/28/00
The Pituitary Adnoma Radiosurgery Page at John Hopkins 03/28/00
The Virtual Memorial Garden The VMG, is not a place of death, but somewhere people can celebrate their family, friends and pets; to tell the rest of us about them and why they were special. 03/28/00
University of Texas Center for Alternative Medicine Reviews of Alternative Therapies, resources and links03/28/00
Use Metacrawler to search the entire web on Acoustic Neuroma Multi Search engine search03/28/00
Vestibular Schwannoma--Case Study 03/28/00
A Primer of Brain Tumors from the American Brain Tumor Association A Patient`s Reference Manual Note Adobe PDF Reader is needed.03/27/00
Adult Patient Resource Handbook of Brain Tumors From Oncolink03/27/00
American Cancer Society Cancer Resources03/27/00
An excellent resource of Cancer Listervs Internet Mailing List on Cancer03/27/00
Brain Pathology Online Online site for Brain Pathology Magazine03/27/00
Brain Surgery Information Center Dr. John Mangiardi`s excellent brain surgery information page03/27/00
Brain Tumor Biology Laboratory Oliver Boglers fascinating brain tumor research site.03/27/00
Brain Tumor Dictionary Definitions From Virtualtrials.com03/27/00
Brain Tumors: Symptoms, Therapy and Future Cure By Patrick J. Kelly, MD, FACS NYU03/27/00
Cedars-Sinai Neurosurgical Institute One of the world`s preeminent neurosurgical centers for brain tumors03/27/00
Child Neurosurgery Links 03/27/00
Corporate Angels Network Free Airfare This organization provides free air travel via corporate jet for ANY cancer patient who requires treatment at any nationally recognized treatment facility, without regard to their financial resources03/27/00
Decadron By Dr. Bruce Cohen Co-director of Brain Tumor Clinic at Cleveland Clinic What you need to know about this often prescribed steroid drug for reducing the swelling in brain tumors.03/27/00
Department of Neurosurgery Bowman Gray School of Medicine Good resource site03/27/00
Dr. Judah Folkman Article from Scientific American-Thalidomide, TNP470 etc Fighting Cancer by Attacking its Blood Supply-Angiogenesis Inhibitors03/27/00
Frequently asked questions For Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Spectroscopy Site 103/27/00
Hyman Neumann Institute of Neuroloby and NeuroSurgery formerly Beth Israel Hospital One of the worlds most reknowned Brain Tumor Centers in New York03/27/00
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 03/27/00
MGH/Harvard Virtual Brain Tumor Page Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School Brain Tumor Center03/27/00
National Cancer Institute Cancernet03/27/00
National Cancer Institute Clinical Trial Search Search NCI for cancer trial information03/27/00
National Institute of Health Medline Plus Cancer Trial search 03/27/00
Neuro Anatomy and Pathology on the Internt-Site from Department of Neurology, University Medical School, Debrecen, Hungary , for physicians and medical students with mappings of the brain and excellent neurology links03/27/00
Neurosurgery Center at MGH Massachusetts General Hospital Brain Surgery Center03/27/00
NINDS Surgical Neurology Branch National Institute of Health 03/27/00
ONCOLINK University of Pennsylvania Cancer Resource Center03/27/00
Oncolinks Automated Listserv Subscriber Page Large list of Cancer Listservs03/27/00
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States Supporting the search for the cause and cure of childhood brain tumors through research.03/27/00
PET Scan Information article and links from Brain and Mind Ezine The PET Scan A New Window Into the Brain03/27/00
RXlist.Com Internet Drug Index03/27/00
San Diego Gamma Knife Center Gamma Knife RadionSurgery Medical Center03/27/00
Some basic stats for the different tumor types Medical College of Wisconsin03/27/00
The ABC`s of Brain Tumors from their Biology to their Treatment A Primer of Brain Tumors by John R. Mangiardi, M.D. and Howard Kane Wm.03/27/00
The Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada Supports research into the cause and cure of brain tumors03/27/00
The Brain Tumor Society Home Page 800-770-TBTS Dedicated for providing resources to patients and families03/27/00
The Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States a not-for-profit corporation committed to providing a resource for gathering and disseminating current epidemiologic data on all primary brain tumors, benign and malignant03/27/00
The Cleveland Clinic Department of Neurosurgery and Brain Tumor Center World Reknowned Brain Tumor Center03/27/00
The National Braintumor Foundation 800-934-CURE A not for profit organization that offers valuable resources for brain tumor patients and funds brain tumore research03/27/00
The new WHO Classification of Tumors affecting the Central Nervous System Comprehensive classification of neoplasms affecting the central nervous system03/27/00
The NYUMC Brain Tumor Research Center New York University Medical Center03/27/00
The Signs of Death and How to ease a dying patient from Hospice- This excellent resource is a must read for those caring for terminally ill patients03/27/00
U.S. Department of Education/Office for Civil Rights Where to find out what rights you have as a patient in the United States03/27/00
UNC`s Online Neurosurgery Resident`s Handbook 03/27/00
Clinical Trials And Noteworthy Treatments For Brain Tumors Brain tumor information03/26/00

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