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  • This group is for brain tumor patients or caregivers who are interested in Optune™( Novocure TTF (tumor treating Field devices)). This device is a noninvasive treatment for brain tumors. It is now FDA approved in the USA for recurrent glioblastoma multiforme.
  • Everyone is welcome to join.
  • It works via e-mail. When someone from the group sends a message to the main computer, it is redistributed to the entire group. If you respond to the message, it gets sent back to everyone else in the group.
  • There are no costs involved, other than that of your internet connection
  • EVERYONE who has an interest in brain tumor treatments, either as a patient or medical professional, should join.
  • Disucssion is limited to talking about the device and the trial. For other treatments, use the braintumor-treatment group.
  • This group is NOT affiliated with the company that makes the device. For details on the company, go to

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For example, AOL users, add "" to their screen names.

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Disclosure: the Novocure company is a sponsor of our organization!

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