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The following is a list of brain tumor centers in Denmark. All brain tumor patients should at least get a second opinion from a brain tumor center.
NEW: To be included on this list, the center must have at least once clinical trial listed on

Note: there are duplicate entries for the same hospital when the people entering the trial on spells the name of the facility differently.
So check for variations in the name, such as "New York University" and "NYU". Clicking these will lead to different trials. Check all variations in name!

Brain Tumor Centers in Denmark

Aalborg Aalborg Hospital
Aalborg Novartis Investigative Site
Aalborg Winnie Jensen
Aalborg Aalborg University Hospital
Aarhus Aarhus University Hospital
Aarhus Aarhus Universitets Hospital
Aarhus Aarhus University Hospital
Aarhus Ep0077 4504
Aarhus Novartis Investigative Site
Aarhus Jakob Dal
Aarhus Unit for Psychooncology and Health Psychology Dept. of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital and Dept of Psychology, Aarhus University
Aarhus Investigational Site Number 62
Aarhus C Aarhus Universitetshospital, Neurologisk Afdeling F, Demensklinikken
Aarhus C
Aarhus C Investigational Site Number 2080002
Aarhus C Aarhus University Hospital
Aarhus N Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Cardiology, Brendstrupgaardsvej 100
Aarhus N
Ålborg Ålborg Universitets Hospital; Gastromedicinsk
Ålborg CCBR - Ålborg - DK
Århus Århus Universitetshospital
Århus C Research Site
Århus C
Ballerup CCBR - Ballerup - DK
Copenhagen Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Rigshospitalet; Medicinsk gastroenterologisk klinik
Copenhagen Department of Oncology, Section for Radiotherapy, Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Dept. of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET, Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen University hospital Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Novartis Investigative Site
Copenhagen Department of Anaesthesia, Rigshospitalet 2043
Copenhagen Department of Radiation Oncology, Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Department of Oncology, Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Institute of Cancer Epidemiology
Copenhagen Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Local Institution
Copenhagen Hematological clinic
Copenhagen Neuromuscular Research Unit, Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Bispebjerg University Hospital
Copenhagen Rigshospitalet, The Finsen Centre, Department of Oncology
Copenhagen Rigshospitalet, Hukommelsesklinikken 6911
Copenhagen The Phase I Unit, Dept. of Oncology, Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen National University Hosoital Rigshospitalet, Endokrinologisk ward
Copenhagen Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Rigshospitalet, NICU
Copenhagen Department of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET, Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen Department of Anaesthesia
Copenhagen Local Institution
Copenhagen Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen Copenhagen University Hospital
Copenhagen Rigshospitalet
Copenhagen Ø Novartis Investigative Site
Glostrup Danish Headache Center
Glostrup Ep0077 4501
Glostrup Danish Headache Center
Glostrup Danish Headache Center & Department of Neurology, Glostrup Hospital, University of Copenhagen
Hammel Region Hospital Hammel Neurocenter
Herlev Herlev Hospital
Herlev Department of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine, Herlev Hospital
Herlev Novartis Investigative Site
Herlev Herlev Hospital
Herlev Department of Neurology, Herlev-Gentofte Hospital
Herning Regional Hospital West Jutland
Hillerod Ep0077 4506
Holstebro Holstebro Regionhospital
København Ø Novartis Investigative Site
København Ø Investigational Site Number 61
København Ø Rigshospitalet
København Ø Investigational Site Number 208001
København Ø Investigational Site Number 2080001
København Ø Research Site
Koebenhavn Oe Novartis Investigative Site
Odense Odense University Hospital
Odense Ep0077 4503
Odense Novartis Investigative Site
Odense Research Site
Odense Odense University Hospital
Odense C Local Institution
Odense C Novartis Investigative Site
Vejle CCBR - Vejle - DK

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